MEMO Conference on Jerusalem (London, 3 March)

Ben White was unwell, he was replaced by Kamel Hawwash, PSC Deputy Chair

Utterly predictably this was an Israel Hatefest.

Some Choice Quotes:

Ghada Karmi:Never never did my parents envisage in a million years – in their worst nightmare – that their city would become what it is today – where Arabs form a 30% minority, where the Jewish presence is pervasive and oppressive – where 200,000 Jewish settlers live in a much expanded – artificially expanded – City – 86% of the land is held by Jews – and this is an ongoing project.

Imagine if someone called the influx of Muslims or Blacks into the UK ‘pervasive and oppressive’ – not to mention that many Jewish immigrants to Israel have been fleeing oppression themselves!

Manuel Hassassian:Israel has nothing in the Old City. There’s the Christian Quarter, the Muslim Quarter, the Armenian Quarter and it’s only what they claim is the Wailing Wall”

Ahmad Tibi: “Christians are praying in their church, Muslims in their mosque and Jews in synagogue.  But not inside the Mosque – the Al Aqsa Mosque! This is the most provocative thing for Palestinians and Muslims and even for Christians in Jerusalem! ….. Israel shot Palestinians in the Al Aqsa Mosque”

Truth: On September 29 2000, at least four Palestinian youths died when Israeli police, using rubber-coated steel bullets, fired on them as they hurled stones down upon Jews praying at the Old City’s Western Wall.

Dr Nasharudin Mat Isa (Chair and CEO of the ‘Global Movements of Moderates Foundation’; former member of Malaysian Parliament): “Yes we need to educate the public about the Holocaust  – Yes we are against genocide but the level of treatment is not balanced versus other issues, related to Palestine for example”

Example of Holocaust relativism.

Listen to this charmer we met between sessions. Antisemites are attracted to these events like bees to a honeypot. He says “the BBC is in the pockets of Israel .. the people at the top of the BBC are all lining the pockets of Israel or are Israelis themselves”.  Then he singles out two Jewish MPs for abuse, Robert Halfon and Louise Ellman.  He thinks Theresa May is in the pocket of the Israelis, too! (“There are lots of financial deals that have gone on between her and Netanyahu when he came for the Balfour celebration”). He thinks Israel ‘has a finger’ in other TV Channels too: “They’re probably working on Al Jazeera”. The Federal Reserve Board may also be controlled by Israel because “I know that Trump had a massive loan for his election campaign”. He thinks Twitter may also be run by Israel. Finally his piece de resistance: “The Israeli ideology is Nazi

Addendum – More on Tibi’s ‘misrepresentation’ …….