Abusalama Doubles Down On Antisemitism

In the UK, Sheffield Hallam University lecturer Shahd Abusalama (who blocks me on Twitter) was recently reported for supporting the use of Nazi terminology to describe Israel’s campaign against Hamas terror in Gaza.

See here here here here and here. Astonishingly (Sheffield Hallam has adopted IHRA) she was allowed to return to teaching.

On 7 March Lowkey (real name Kareem Dennis) released a video of his interview with Abusalama (‘The Israel Lobby’s War Against Academia’).

Before she begins talking (7:20), Lowkey indulges in a litany of ‘joining the dots’ about the funding of Jewish organisations (Board of Deputies, JNF, JLC, Jerusalem Foundation).  This bears the unmistakeable stamp of disgraced academic David Miller.  (There is also a potshot at the Quilliam Foundation: “The discredited organisation which pushed mythology about Muslims”). Lowkey claims (6:50) that the Board of Deputies “has massive political sway with the government in our country“. Yeah right – so massive that several UK Universities are off-limits for most Jewish students because of the extent of antisemitism.

He begins by taking an LBC quote by Institute of Economic Affairs Director-General @MarkJLittlewood totally out of context. Here is the whole context. Littlewood was being pressed to disclose the source of all donations to the IEA. He gave reasons why he would not comply. In support he cited similar ‘interest group’ charities who have the same non-disclosure policy eg the Church of England. Rhetorically (!!!) he asked (this is where the Lowkey clip begins) his questioner “Do you think the Board of Deputies of British Jews should disclose its donors?

Later – at 57:59 Lowkey (as the mouthpiece of Miller, whose appeal against dismissal by Bristol University appears to be still ongoing) ‘joins the dots’ about UK Lawyers for Israel and @CAMERAorgUK (1:05:06)

Here are some excerpts from the video:

43:20: Abusalama (on IHRA):

Is that definition really interested in combatting anti-Jewish bigotry or is it trying to quell criticisms of Israel and protect Israel from accountability? (This of course is the  Livingstone Formulation).

45:15: Abusalama:

The organising principle of the Israeli State – even before it came into existence – was maximal land, minimal Palestinans (antisemitic: mendacious allegations about Jews)

50:49: Abusalama:

We have members of our staff at Sheffield Hallam University who are proud members of UK Lawyers for Israel…..This is part of a chain of complexity that is masking the normalisation of Israeli oppression against the Palestinians (antisemitic: mendacious allegations about Jews)

52:09: Abusalama (On UK Lawyers For Israel (UKLFI)):

At times these people would come to our events, they would hijack our events and provoke us. I remember at one time we had a legal event on the ‘apartheid Wall’ – the criminal aparthied wall …. We had a Palestinian film maker who was investigating  what was going on in The Hague …. and she [a supporter of UKLFI] dared to justify Israel and made a very provocative statement there. And I challenged her after the event…. And she was like ‘No they’re not bombing your hometown.’ This is White Privilege in expression…. They says things like ‘Israeli Apartheid is a trope, Israelis killing children in Gaza is a trope’ … They were the people that were also pushing for the IHRA to be enforced on campus … I was leading the students in opposing the university’s adoption [of IHRA] because I thought that this wasn’t about protecting Jews, this was about silencing Palestine.

57:40 Lowkey:

You were right … You’ve clearly been vindicated.

1:02:02 Abusalama:

I am being harassed and intimidated and defamed every week for more than a month by the Jewish Chronicle and its allies….. They have been looking into my social media posts in order to find something they could flag against me, in order to support their demonisation of me as not only an antisemite but also a terrorist…. We know that they deliberately try to construct these misrepresentations in order to protect Israel from accountability and deflect attention. And part of it is also Islamophobia (antisemitic: mendacious allegations about Jews)

Abusalama (justifying terror against Israel):

When you are under extreme violence you are going to cling to any glimpse of hope .. and some of the hope for us was represented in the resistance …. Justified resistance led by a colonised people (antisemitic: mendacious allegations about Jews)

1:06:16 Lowkey:

None of these are good faith. This is about pushing you out of a job. It’s about silencing you. It’s about haunting you. It’s about punishing you for existence.

1:07:16 Abusalama:

They’re also part of the same lobby group that are trying to construct these terms like ‘Islamic antisemitism’ and ‘anti-Zionist antisemitism’.  These terms are so dangerous .. Racist and Islamophobic. This is so dangerous and also inciting hatred and racial and ethno-religious division.

1:10:15 Lowkey:

[You are a] survivor of the Zionist War Machine (antisemitic: mendacious allegations about Jews)

1:12:45 Abusalama:

Gaza is the world’s largest open-air prison (antisemitic: mendacious allegations about Jews)

1:13:11 Abusalama:

We are agents of change and we can be so powerful and so effective if we use our voice effectively and galvanise support and build solidarity and keep on pushing the momentum until we reach our South African moment and free Palestine from Israeli apartheid (antisemitic: mendacious allegations about Jews).


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