“Community’s business chiefs give green light to Keir Starmer’s Labour”

Yet another outrageously biased piece by Harpin in Jewish News……………

  • The phrase ‘Community business chiefs’ implies that the three people he mentions (Jonathan Goldstein, Ian Rosenblatt, Gary Lubner) have some kind of democratic legitimacy – that they ‘represent’ the UK JewishCommunity. This is entirely false.
  • In the Bloomberg piece which is Harpin’s source Goldstein did NOT express support for Labour. He said “The backers of the party who were strong backers of the Blair and Brown governments are coming back under the new environment. Is it seriously news that with Labour way ahead in the polls, corporate donations have recovered slightly, from close to zero under Corbyn??
  • After all it’s prudent corporate practice to woo ALL parties which might form the next government. Parliament’s Register of Members’ Financial Interests shows that as well as Keir Starmer, Goldstein also donated Chelsea tickets to the Conservative Nadhim Zahawi. Of course Labour publicist Harpin doesn’t tell you that!
  • Spot the Jewish donor: Harpin’s trawl through the Register mysteriously failed to catch these donors to Conservatives: Sir Mick Davis, David Esfandi, Eleanor Wolfson. They have as much right to be labelled ‘Community’s business chiefs‘ as Goldstein, Rosenblatt and Lubner!
  • Labour remains toxic on Israel (and here) (and here) and Corbyn is still a member. Starmer endorsed Corbyn and was willing to serve in his shadow Cabinet. No amount of Harpin-authored propaganda in the Jewish News can change the record!


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