The Anne Frank Trust Needs to Change Its Name!

In last week’s Jewish News I had the following letter published:

I could have also mentioned how Rosen and his Corbynite supporters made spurious complaints about a Jewish academic and fighter against antisemitism, Dr Pete Newbon. Incredibly Northumbria University – where Dr Newbon was a Senior Lecturer – took the complaints seriously, in part no doubt because one came from Rosen himself. Dr Newbon tragically committed suicide early this year.

I also complained to the Anne Frank Trust, a Charity. They chose to respond with a letter to Jewish News in response to mine. It wasn’t published. Here it is:

Michael Rosen is one of Britain’s most distinguished authors and educators – a Professor of Children’s Literature and Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature whose achievements range from the much-loved children’s story ‘We’re All Going on a Bear Hunt’ to ‘The Missing’, his deeply moving account of members of his family lost during the Holocaust. It is entirely appropriate that the Anne Frank Trust UK, as an education charity working in schools, commissioned him to help mark the 75thanniversary of the publication of Anne Frank’s Diary last month – as is clear above all from the exquisite poem he produced, viewable on our website.

Tim Robertson

Chief Executive

The Anne Frank Trust UK

email to me

The choice of Rosen and the reponse to my complaint demonstrate that the Anne Frank Trust either does not understand antisemitism – as defined by IHRA – or does not take it seriously (I’ve asked if they accept IHRA).

As such their name is morally indefensible and needs to be changed.


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Addendum: They do accept IHRA. Their letter was published in Jewish News 14 July.

Another banana skin at the Trust …….

Addendum 2

Here’s Alex Hearn’s article in this week’s Jewish News (21 July):

Addendum 3: More shocking revelations, from David Collier. The Trust has virtually stripped Anne Frank of her Jewish identity thus continuing Hitler’s demonic mission.