Harpin’s Utterly Predictable Smear of James Marlow

Utterly predictably the leftist social media archaeologists have burnt the midnight oil to smear James Marlow, the CEO of the National Jewish Assembly.

Lee Harpin of Jewish News fronted the smear. The Harpin who in 2015 was the fifth journalist to be arrested in relation to allegations of phone hacking at the Mirror. (He was released after the CPS found there was insufficient evidence to bring charges).

Harpin has fronted several smears of ‘non-leftist’ Jews. Such as me:

Unlike Marlow and Gary Mond (the Chair of the NJA), Harpin is no supporter of Israel. Maybe that explains his smear attempt. In fact he called Israel’s response to the libellous Amnesty Report ‘hysterical’ and ‘a typical hasbara fail’:

Of course he is just the front guy. The social media archaeology is done by the leftists, possibly including the likes of Webber, Schonfield and Spence. Schonfield quickly trumpeted the Marlow smear. He is another smear merchant.

I have joined the NJA, donating significantly as well as paying the membership fee. I will make the case for the NJA in a future blog in coming days. But this blog is to refute the smear about James.

Full disclosure: I know James reasonably well, because of his expertise on Israeli politics and his involvement with me in the Stephen Lamonby case (2020). James’ knowledge of Israeli politics is unrivalled in the UK. He is sought after as a commentator, both at election time and at other times. When I wrote about the Lamonby scandal I arranged to visit him to record a podcast for Jonny Gould’s Jewish State. James did the interview and he was superb – well briefed, sensitive and highly articulate (there is a link in my blog). What a contrast with Harpin and his leftist cronies – who were completely silent abut the disgusting treatent of Lamonby by Solent University.

The smears are utterly ridiculous and libellous. It is ludicrous to suggest he is a supporter of Tommy Robinson, ludicrous to suggest he is anti-gay, ludicrous to call his tweets critical of Soros ‘concerning’ and ludicrous to suggest he is contemptuous of Reform or Liberal Jews (note that James is Orthodox while Harpin and his leftist groupies are not – maybe inter-communal pettiness has something to do with their smears of James).

James merely wrote to the effect that Reform conversions are not accepted by Orthodox Rabbis. Which is true, however much Harpin and Co wish it wasn’t.

Regarding the Soros allegation, James simply said that it is not antisemitic to criticise Soros for his animosity towards Israel – for example Soros has blamed Israel for antisemitism.  Harpin called James’ tweet(s) on Soros ‘concerning’. Rubbish. What is ‘concerning’ is Soros blaming Israel for antisemitism. Of course neither Schonfield not Harpin has ever commented on that antisemitic libel. Schonfield tweeted that James ‘defends antisemitic Soros slurs’. That is a defamatory lie.

I’m sure no-one will be deterred by these clumsy leftist smears from joining the National Jewish Assembly. In truth they probably help. I understand it will be proof against leftist entryism – which means that Schonfield and Co will not be interested in joining it anyway.  


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