The Israelis who support the Ben and Jerry’s Boycott

In an advert in Haaretz on Tuesday, 93 Israelis expressed support for Ben and Jerry’s boycott of Judea and Samaria:

Who are they?

35 are academics, 10 of who are emeritus/a. 16 of them feature in Im Tirtzu’s : Chazan, Enoch, Golan, Hasan-Rokem, Heilblum , Illouz, Jacobson, Klein, Kolodny, Kratsman, Liel, Margalit, Peled-Elhanan, Rosen-Zvi, Shulman, Shumsky.

16 are Arabs. One of them, Shahira Shalabi, is on record as supporting terror.

4 are (or were) members of the far Left Meretz Party; 5 of the Hadash Party whose origins are rooted in Communism..

2 have voiced the Apartheid Lie (Baruch and Rubinstein).

Avraham Burg – the former Knesset Speaker – wants to annul his Jewish identity.

Columnist Odeh Bisharat stands accused of falsifying history about Israel’s founding.

Zeev Dagani is the headmaster who stopped Auschwitz trips for his pupils because they ‘fuel extreme nationalism’

Ruchama Marton (84) founded Physicians for Human Rights. At a recent conference about “war and peace” at SUNY New Paltz she likened Israel to a “batterer” and the Palestinians to their “battered wife.”

If you need proof that Ben and Jerry’s boycott stinks, you have it here……..

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