Jewish Renaissance Hosts Michael Rosen

Yesterday (Sunday 10 July) Jewish Renaissance hosted Michael Rosen:

The organisers were well aware of Rosen’s background. And here. They had been encouraged to disinvite but stood firm. Reportedly another of the invited speakers (whose photo appears above) expressed strong reservations at the event about Rosen’s participation.

So we stood outside the venue supplying around 50 copies of a relevant informative newspaper article to invitees.

The Chair of Jewish Renaissance, Ian Lancaster, came out to request that we stopped our action. Discussion with him centred on Corbyn’s antisemitism. Not only did Lancaster pointedly refuse to agree that Corbyn is antisemic, he obfuscated appallingly:

There are those who say that Corbyn was not antisemitic. …. I know Rabbis who ….

He had some some views that I would not agree with ……

There are Jewish people I respect who know him better than I do …..

Some people are so open-minded that their brains fall out!

And then, in response to me saying that the Chief Rabbi had called Corbyn an antisemite:

He’s not my Chief Rabbi

Which of course is nonsense, in secular matters ALL denominations accept the leadership of the Chief Rabbi.

Unbelievably and horrifically Lancaster appeared to have no problem that Rosen and his Corbynite followers falsely reported Dr Newbon to his employer for ‘antisemitism’ and that Northumbria University appallingly disciplined him (unbelievably the woke idiots took it to a stage 2 hearing and gave him final written warning – due to expire this month).

Mr Newbon was given a final warning in January or whenever it was. Legally there must have been over the previous six months at least two previous written warnings.

Worth mentioning that the Jobsworth on the gate at the venue threaened us with arrest.

Maybe he thought he was in Russia, Iran or Saudi Arabia?

I have news for you mate: In England we have the right to peacefully protest in a public place – Geddit?

Jewish Renaissance?

No. …..

Jewish Self Destruction


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