You Can’t Trust Labour on Antisemitism (continued)

The anti-Israel charity (!) Medical Aid for Palestinians (MAP) brainwashes left wing UK MPs with lies about Israel. Left-wing MPs are too lazy or too bigoted (or both) to find out the truth for themselves.

Three years ago I caught out Labour MP Dr Rosena Allin-Khan (Muslim electorate 10.7%) who falsely claimed that a mother of triplets was forced by the permits system to return to Gaza, thus having to abandon her newborn babies and miss the tragic death of two of them.

Bambos Charalambous is the MP for for Enfield Southgate (Muslim electorate 11.1%) and the Shadow Minister for the Middle East and North Africa. He recently returned from a visit sponsored by MAP and CAABU.

Here’s what he wrote after returning.

Wicked Israel, separating newborn babies from their mothers! Charalambous and Allin-Khan must know! Both are MPs, one a Doctor and the other Foreign Office Minister responsible for Israel, if Labour wins the next election ….

One itsy bitsy problem…………………………………..

It’s a lie.

It was a lie when Allin-Khan said it and it’s still a lie.

And it’s an incendiary lie.  Which is why MAP seeds it into the heads of captive Labour MPs.

It’s only marginally less incendiary than the lie Israel wants to destroy the Al Aqsa Mosque and reconstruct the Temple there.


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Hannah Weisfeld of Yachad has endorsed Charalambous’ antisemitic lies!