Antisemitic meeting at Senate House, U. of London (JC Blog 23 February 2011)

To mark 15 years of blogging and during the quieter summer break I am republishing some of my blogs which were inadvertently deleted.

On 22 February 2011 there was a meeting at Senate House, University of London, organised by the rabidly anti-Israel Middle East Monitor.

The subject was the “Palestine Papers”. The speakers included Tim Llewellyn (ex-BBC), who said that Israel is a rogue state, who supports a boycott, who thinks that Resolution 242 was solely about Israeli withdrawal (it was about withdrawal in exchange for peace) and who spoke about “the ghastly stranglehold of the Israeli Lobby“; Clayton Swisher – the Al Jazeera reporter who analysed the Palestine Papers; Kathleen Christison who has been called “an Israel-hating loon” and Oliver McTernan of “Forward Thinking” who is critical of the demand that Hamas recognise Israel and denounce violence before it is allowed into negotiations.

It was chaired by LibDem Lord Andrew Phillips and fittingly the prize for the most antisemitic comment of the evening went to him. Discussing a scenario from Swisher which saw Israel under attack on all fronts and the US not coming to its assistance, Phillips commented, looking at the Panel:

The Jews aren’t lacking in intelligence. They may be deeply prejudiced but they are saying the same things as you are saying.

Well, if it quacks like an antisemite … and Phillips sure does a lot of quacking …


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