Apartheid at ‘Israel Apartheid Week’

I had a ticket for this event at Kings College London

kcl advert

kcl ticket

kcl all welcome


I arrived at Kings College London, was given a Visitor’s Pass and made my way to the Room, Room –S106 in the basement. But then I was asked to leave by this woman, who refused to give her name.
kcl woman

She had already called two security officers. I left quietly, I had no intention of giving the Israel haters the satisfaction of photos of me being forcibly taken out.

‘Open To All’ is simply a lie. The organisers simply make a list of external attendees whom they want. The security desk is supposed to check visitors off against that list. I saw it. Rivka Barnard (the hardcore anti-Israel activist at ‘War On Want’) was on it.

Questions for Prof Edward Byrne, Principal of Kings:

1. This was a public meeting ‘open to all’. By what right was I asked to leave? Do you see the sick irony of an ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ event excluding a  Jew?

2. ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ is deeply distressing to the vast majority of Jews. There is no ‘apartheid’ in Israel. The hosting of events with this title violates your Equality and Diversity Statement. Please give me your undertaking that there will be no more ‘Israel Apartheid’ events on your campus.

3. Please supply a recording of the event so that the antisemitic content can be freely analysed and publicised.



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