Edinburgh Vote Tomorrow on Gaza Twinning: Runners and Riders

Update: Discussion and vote postponed “for legal reasons”……


Tomorrow (Tuesday 29 March) Edinburgh’s Policy and Sustainability Committee will – disgracefully – discuss and vote on a petition to twin the City with Gaza. The meeting begins at 10am and will be livestreamed.

We’ve met the two SNP MPs who are supporting this obscenity of a motion before: Tommy Shepherd and Philippa Whitford.

David Collier has blogged about the meeting and the antisemitic history of the petition’s orginator Steve Gregson. The vote is likely to be on a show of hands and unless you can put names to the Councillors’ faces you will not be able to identify those who support the Jew-hating Hamas terrorists.

Therefore to facilitate democratic accountability please find below photos of the 12 non-Conservative Committee Members (Images from the Council Website):

Scottish National Party

Adam McVey (SNP)

Rob Munn (SNP)

Lesley MacInnes (SNP)

Kate Campbell (SNP)

Neil Gardiner (SNP)

Scottish Labour

Cammy Day (Lab)

Ian Perry (Lab)

Donald Wilson (Lab)

Scottish Green Party

Steve Burgess (Green)

Claire Miller (Green)

Scottish Liberal Democrats

Robert Aldridge (Lib Dem)

Gillian Gloyer (Lib Dem)

Any councillor who voes for the obscenity could be in breach of the law


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