Response of the UK Jewish Left to the Antisemitic AmNasty Report

I blogged about Tuesday’s horrific Amnesty vile attack on Israel here. Thus far over 1200 people have signed my Petition to deprive Amnesty of its tax-exempt status in the UK. Because (see CC9) charities with a political message have to tell the truth. The report bears about as much relationship to the truth as a duck does to an elephant. And charities have to act ‘in the public interest’. Where is the ‘public interest’ in stoking antisemitism by vilifying israel with lies?

But what has been the response of the UK Jewish Left? The Virtue-Signalling Jewish Left that got so exercised when JNF Chair Sam Hayek called out the extent of Muslim antisemitism and questioned whether Jews have a future in the UK? You’d think they’d be up in arms about a report from  a London-based organisation that traduces the world’s only Jewish State with antisemitic lies, right?


Jewish Labour Movement? Search for ‘@jewishlabour Amnesty’ on Twitter. Nothing. Ditto from JLM Chair @MikeKatz.

JLM’s mouthpiece in Jewish News, Lee Harpin? Ludicrously and shamefully all he could manage was to label Israel’s response ‘hysterical’, endorsing an equally shameful Ha’aretz article by Anshel Pfeffer. Both of them unforgivably fail to appreciate how the Apartheid Lie stokes antisemitic attacks in the Diaspora.

How about Sabrina Miller, Yachad supporter and cub reporter on Jewish News? No mention of Amnesty on her Twitter. Far too difficult and embarrassing to try to defend Israel in public! Much easier and multiculti to protest against China holding the Winter Olympics. Great for interfaith name-dropping too. Never mind that Afzal Khan MP in 2014 allegedly tweeted “The Israeli Government are acting like Nazi’s in Gaza” and that this followed a speech he made in 2002 when he was recorded apparently claiming that Israel was “committing genocide against the Palestinian people”…….

Yachad? Its statement was sickening:

‘We take the findings of this report extremely seriously’. What? A report labelling Israel an apartheid state, which seeks to criminalise the existence of the Jewish state as the national homeland for the Jewish people? You take it SERIOUSLY???

Next time you see Yachad’s slogan ‘Together for Israel, Together for Peace’ just remember their response to the AmNasty  Report.

Na’amod? Even worse. And read this craven rubbish. Let’s have the names: Schonfield / Roiser x2 / Finlay / Abrams / Morris-Evans.

Hampstead Luvvies – Independent Jewish Voices?  Nothing. Rien. Nichts.    

Kanter-Webber? Who’s soon going to be the Liberal Rabbi of the ‘Progressive’ (?towards what?) Synagogue in Brighton? Utterly craven. Sees the Shamnesty Report as mere ‘criticism’ of Israel! And worried about how the antisemites who play the Livingstone Formulation card might react to those (like me) who have called the Report out for what it is.

How about the 46 Deputies who were so exercised when Hayek called out the prevalence of antisemitism in the Muslim Community? The same Muslim antisemitism that almost put me in a wheelchair for daring to publicly support Israel?

Surely some of them care enough about the Amnesty Report to want to sign my Petition? Surely they care that the taxes they pay are higher in order to subsidise AmNasty’s antisemitism?

Wrong. Not one of them has signed. Same goes for the Leftist Cuckoo Entryists who have taken over the Zionist Federation with the probable intention of killing it off.

On Tuesday I recorded a TV interview with Revelation TV about the AmNasty Report. You can see it next Friday 11th at 9pm, repeated the following Sunday at 3.30.

Hard to remember the truth in such a week – but the truth is that the likes of AmNasty are being routed by Israel’s diplomatic and economic successes.  

And remember that a wounded animal is at its most dangerous in the hours before death…………..

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My Revelation TV interview on the Amnesty Report