Harpin Shills for his Leftist Cronies

Lee Harpin is patently unfit to work for a Jewish newspaper and it beggars belief that his Jewish News Editor Richard Ferrer has not shown him the exit. It’s no secret that the paper is losing money. Until Harpin is sacked advertisers should pull out. If the paper goes under it would be no loss – under its new Editor the JC is on a roll and the (also free) Jewish Weekly is excellent.

Harpin’s speciality is smearing non-Leftist Jews who stand up to antisemitism and advocate for Israel. And here. His cronies all appear to be on the Left – for example Naamod, Yachad and the Jewish Labour Movement. They feed him the smears, he obliges.

In an article published yesterday afternoon (20 September) about the forthcoming Al Jazeera three-part ‘Investigation’ of antisemitism in Labour during the Corbyn years, Harpin libelled me as ‘hard Right’ – the same epithet as he might use for Nick Griffin or other leaders of the BNP, for example. A robust protest to Ferrer resulted in an edit to ‘outspoken right-wing.’

‘Right-wing’ is the insult of choice that Harpin and his leftist cronies use against activists against antisemitism. Na’amod recently called David Collier ‘far Right’ after he exposed their support of a Holocaust Denier’s attempt to bring an antisemitic Neturei Karta adherent to the UK.   It’s their way of heading off criticism for their own passivity in the face of antisemitism and their abject failure (at best!) to support Israel. Remember that among the wreckers of the Zionist Federation were four JLM members, all of whom are Yachad signatories.

I challenge Harpin to produce evidence that I am ‘Right-wing’– truth is, he knows Zilch about me.

To further see Harpin’s malice, consider this: Harpin chooses to hide the names of seven people ‘linked to’ JLM who submitted evidence on antisemitism to Labour and who are attacked by Al Jazeera. So why then does he name me? I too submitted and I too received Al Jazeera’s ‘right of reply’ letter. So what’s different about me from the ‘seven’, apart from my not being ‘linked’ to JLM?


The Al Jazeera ‘Investigation’ will be a pathetic charade, like the last one. (Shame on OFCOM for rejecting complaints).

Corbots are already salivating over it — but no-one else will give it any credibility.  

For campaigners against antisemitism, unevidenced ill-informed smears from Al Jazeera in Doha come with the territory…………..

But we surely have a right to be fairly treated in the Jewish Press !!


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Addendum (November 2022): He’s a poster boy for Yachad