The unctuous disingenuity of Vivian Wineman revisited again: Fake Virtue Signalling Which Fuels Antisemitism

Over 2,200 have now signed my petition to revoke Amnesty’s UK Charity status.  A week ago I noted how UK Jewish Leftist names were absent.

Another name to add to that list is Vivian Wineman.  He’s the former President of the Board of Deputies who failed to notify Deputies of his decision to partner with the anti-Israel Charity Oxfam. Then there was the whitewashing of the Muslim Council of Britain, an organisation with which the government had severed relations. The Board issued a joint statement with the MCB which many including the MCB took to say that Israel deliberately targeted civilians. Two former Presidents called on him to resign. And Yachad was allowed to join the Board on Wineman’s Watch.

You won’t find Wineman challenging Amnesty’s antisemitic lies about Israel or explaining the reason for Israel’s anti-terrorist actions in Gaza. No. Nor fisking Thomas Suarez’s antisemitic lies.

His shtick is to Virtue Signal by regurgitating Ha’aretz articles which appear (‘appear’: context-free and awaiting verification) to show Israel in a bad light; complain that no UK media is covering them; and vilify UK Jewish Community institutions for supposedly turning a blind eye to them (of course there were innumerable similar examples when he was Board President!!).

It’s what he did in the cases of Eyad Hallaq, Mohammed Munir al-Tamimi and Shawkat Awad

He’s just done it again….

A recent film (shown on 20 January at the Sundance Film Festival) has revived the question of what happened at Tantura – an Arab village – in 1948. In the film, several Israeli veterans are interviewed who, in the 1948 War of Independence, served in the Alexandroni Brigade. Allegedly they forcibly displaced Arab residents following the formal conclusion of the War.

‘Allegedly’ … All there is, is oral testimony – not under oath. Remember to so-called Jenin ‘Massacre’? That libel was based on oral testimony too ….

But in his drive to vilify Israel, Wineman has no doubt: ‘….determined attempt to cover it up’  … ‘ plaintiffs in libel actions to go into court and systematically commit perjury’ …. ‘systematic cover up’ …  ‘Even now, that the testimony in the film has really settled the question’.

And – he writes – ‘The UK press have not covered it. As for the diaspora Jewish press their response has been one almost complete silence.’

Aha … the ‘cover up’ goes global … ‘Tanturagate’ …. Apart from the Guardian and BBC – who never miss a chance to vilify Israel – why on earth should the Times or Telegraph cover what remain a series of Out-Of-Court  allegations?

But the pièce de résistance comes next:

As for the diaspora Jewish press their response has been one almost complete silence. As usual one has to go to Haaretz to come across any coverage. It is like the killing of Eyad Hallak or the recent death of Omar Abdalmajeed As’ad.-as far as the diaspora is concerned these things never happened. The debate about Israel in the mainstream British Jewish community already pretty poor has now plumbed new depths.

One – he’s wrong. The Tantura film has also been covered in Times of Israel and Jerusalem Post (a critical article!).

Two –  Why on earth should the ‘diaspora Jewish press’ – by which he means the JC, Jewish Weekly, Jewish Telegraph and Jewish News – cover what remain merely allegations?

Three – To draw the conclusion that ‘as far as the diaspora is concerned these things never happened’ is beyond ludicrous. Is Wineman seriously saying that a Diaspora Jew (like me) relies purely on the UK  Jewish Press for information about Israel?  This argument is intellectually demented! A Cambridge Graduate? Seriously?

Four – Why does Wineman  not complain about the lack of coverage by the ‘diaspora Jewish Press’ about murders committed by Palestinians of Palestinians? Or of uprisings against Hamas in Gaza

Could it just be because there is no potential for Leftist Anti-Israel Virtue Signalling?

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