Liberal Judaism Ignores My Complaint About Rabbi Who Libelled Me

Gabriel Kanter-Webber has recently been appointed as the Rabbi of Brighton and Hove Progressive Synagogue.

In September I published a critique of a JC article by a Yachad-supporting Bristol University student Sabrina Miller. The article complained that there had been no discussion in her Jewish school of ‘the Palestinian narrative’.  Instead of defending Miller, Kanter-Webber ludicrously wrote that I was ‘harassing a woman young enough to be his daughter because she doesn’t share all his views on Israel.’ Not only is this ageist, it is libellous (suggesting that my critique was motivated by a desire to harass a woman) and intellectually lazy and insulting (instead of engaging with my critique Kanter-Webber stated it was merely about ‘different views in Israel’).

According to this idiot, unless you are a woman of the same age as Miller, any critique of her writing must stem from a misogynist and bullying motive. It’s so ridiculous as to be incredible.

This is a man who is trusted to advise congregants on sensitive matters? Seriously?

After I remonstrated with him Kanter-Webber doubled down with his libel about ‘harassing young women’:

Liberal Judaism has a formal complaints procedure. Here is the response to my complaint:

She can’t even be arsed to spell his name correctly. That’s how much she cares.

Given him feedback‘ … I did not consider this sufficient response to the libel. So I appealed on 23 September (“I want this passed to a complaints panel, as per your complaints procedure”). 

8 weeks after my request for an appeal I have not even had an acknowledgement, despite three requests (17 October, 27 October, 8 November).

(For those who ask why I have not sued for libel: the process in the UK is very expensive and very hard to prove).

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