Who is ‘Emily’, the Scottish Israel-Hating ‘School-Age Child?’

On 24 August an exhibition entitled ‘Generation Change: Young People’s Participation in Protest’ opened at the Battle of Bannockburn Experience in Stirling, Scotland.

GnasherJew tweeted that the exhibition included this horrific diatribe – full of demonising lies which may be antisemitic and which definitely fuel antisemitism – written by ‘Emily’.

I (and others) had assumed that ‘Emily’ was a school or university student. Here is the National Trust for Scotland’s apology. It states that the material ‘was produced by school-age children’.

But Matthew Berlow alerted me to the Jewish Telegraph today which reported that the exhibition was created by Emily Breedon (25) who was (she left on 17 August) the co-design officer of Children In Scotland. Emily protects her tweets. Now she works for Young Scot (another Charity) according to her Linked-In entry.

Both Matthew and I wonder if the ‘Emily’ who wrote this Israel-demonising screed (which has been removed after complaints to National Trust Scotland) is Emily Breedon ……

Maybe someone knows? After all she is stoking the flames of antisemitism in a country where the fire is already out of control.

Ms Breedon is no ‘school-age child’! And Children in Scotland’s website lists as its ‘Values’: ‘Respect and Trust’ and ‘Informed, Focussed and Accountable’. And it is part-funded by UK taxpayers. As is Young Scot. Whose ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategy’ is thus:

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