The Royal Free Phlebotomist

Two Jews are in a Nazi firing squad – the Squad Captain asks – any last requests – the first Jew shouts, “There’s been a terrible mistake!” The second Jew says, “Moishe, don’t make trouble…”


In the morning of Tuesday 25 May a Jewish woman – at the Royal Free Hospital to have a blood sample taken – reported the following incident:

 Hi Everyone! I just wanted to tell you about what happened to me this morning. I went to Royal Free for blood tests, the nurse called my name to take my blood and I noticed she was wearing a Palestinian flag on her Jacket and another badge that said “ stop murdering our children “.I went to the reception and said I do not feel comfortable with her taking my blood. I never mentioned I was Jewish or anything, just said that at an NHS hospital I don’t think political views should be allowed. The receptionist was really good, said no problem and called another nurse. I had my blood taken and on the way out , that nurse with the badges said “excuse me” I turned around and she winked at me then it her swiped her finger across her throat, she then turned away and started laughing to another nurse. I have reported this to the management at the Hospital, they have asked her to remove the badges and told me she will be spoken to, they apologised. But, I feel a bit shaken, it’s become really scary at the moment. So much is happening with boycotts, unions etc Antisemitism is on the rise, it’s not about the Palestinian issues it’s blatantly against Jews. Xxx[5/25, 10:09] 

The story was reported to me by ‘X’, a trusted female Jewish GP Practice Manager in North London, who spoke to the Doctor (female) to whom the patient spoke.

The Doctor told X  “The person who it happened to is adamant she doesn’t want it in the press’; X told me “The doctor too is too intimidated to come forward

On 26 May a friend of a friend who is the victim’s cousin confirmed.

On 29 May a reliable Twitter counter-antisemitism source (with over 1900 followers) reported that a friend who knows the victim (and told them her name) that several phlebotomists were laughing at the incident.

Today Lee Harpin of Jewish News published  a denial from the Royal Free Press Department. Harpin derided the story on Twitter:

Even in the article Harpin (a Leftist ex-Mirror journalist) could not resist a snipe: Hard-line social media activists from within the community also circulated the claims on Twitter.”

Did Harpin do any research into the story himself, or did he just dance to the tune of the Royal Free’s director of communications, Ian Lloyd @lloydy7777?

And why isn’t the denial on the Royal Free’s News page?

And this nasty little shit jumped on the denial to virtue-signal and bash those of us who unlike him fight antisemitism:

The religion of the alleged perpetrator is to the best of my knowledge unknown and has not even been mentioned!

Read My Lips: We have the worst antisemitism in the UK of any of our lifetimes. When it comes to dealing with antisemitism neither the police nor officialdom are trusted. Words are cheap, like those of the Royal Free: “We do not tolerate racist or antisemitic behaviour of any kind, from anybody on our premises”. People are intimidated.

I believe the Royal Free victim’s story. Fabrication is the purview of the antisemites, not of us. I can only conclude that she got scared and withdrew, hoping things will die down.


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Campaign Against Antisemitism, 28 May