Labour: Usual Suspects Rush To Support Loach ….

Trotskyist sympathiser Ken Loach was recently expelled from the Labour Party. Loach has a long history of antisemitism: directing in 1987 the antisemitic play Perdition, which accused Zionists of collaborating with the Nazis; in 2018 calling for the deselection of MPs who attended the Enough is Enough protest against antisemitism; refusing to condemn Holocaust Denial.

20 Labour MPs and 5 Labour House of Lords members have signed a letter calling for Ken Loach’s reinstatement to the Labour Party (Corbyn is not permitted to take the Labour Whip; Webbe is suspended pending a trial).

Let’s take a look at their own history of antisemitism and/or demonisation of Israel ….

History of Antisemitism
Or Support for Antisemites
Or anti-Israel?
Signed Uighur Letter?Signed Vaccine Libel EDM?Signed to Restore Whip to Corbyn?Muslim proportion in constituency (%)
Diane AbbottYNNY11.2
Tahir AliYYNY43.5
Apsana BegumYYYY33.6
Christine BlowerYNnaYLords
Pauline BryanYNnaYLords
Richard BurgonYNYY10.6
Ian ByrneYYNY0.9
Jeremy CorbynY NYna9.0
Bryn DaviesNNnaNLords
Mary Kelly FoyYNNY1.0
John HendyYNnaYLords
Ian LaveryYNYY0.3
Clive LewisYYN Y2.0
Rebecca Long-BaileyYNN Y3.9
Ian MearnsYNN Y1.8
John McDonnellYNYY16.6
Grahame MorrisYNYY0.3
Kate OsborneYYYY1.4
Bell Ribeiro-Addy YNYY5.7
Jon TrickettYNNY4.1
Prem SikkaNPredated Lords m’shipnaNLords
Zarah Sultana YNYN7.4
Claudia Webbe IndYNYY15.2
Mick WhitleyYNYY1.0
Beth WinterYNYY1.0
Great Britain4.5

All but 2 of the 25 have a history of antisemitism or support for antisemites or of endorsing demonising lies about Israel. All but 3 signed a letter demanding restoration of the Whip to Corbyn.

Only 5 signed Siobhain McDonagh’s letter to the Chinese Ambassador protesting at the persecution of the Uighur – it wasn’t about Israel so they didn’t care.

More than half the MPs (12) signed Nadia Whittome’s EDM wrongly suggesting tht Israel has an obligation to vaccinate Palestinians living in the disputed areas.

It’s hardly surprising that Labour’s antisemitism-mongers should flock to support one of their own. But it underlines that Labour’s cleanup is very much ‘work in progress’. The vast majority of Jewish voters will still be unwilling to give Labour their support. Now let’s see Keir Starmer withdraw the Whip from them!

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