Campaign Against Antisemitism falsely claims credit for PSA approach

The CAA’s Press Release says that the Court’s ruling came ‘after an appeal by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) at the request of Campaign Against Antisemitism’.

This isn’t true. It was me that discovered that there is a body (the PSA) which oversees all the Health Industry regulators. I approached the PSA on 9 November, having heard the GPhC’s Fitness to Practice Committee’s verdict on 5 November. (UK Lawyers for Israel wrote their excellent letter to the PSA on 16 November; the verdict was published on 11 November).

The CAA didn’t approach the PSA (via a lawyer) until 9 December, by which time the PSA may well have decided to refer the case to the Court (its announcement came on 24 December).

Source: FOI

Moreover the CAA lawyer’s letter makes it clear that the CAA knew that the case had already been referred to the PSA (“We are aware ……”).

There is an important point here. Organisations and individuals engaged in the fight against antisemitism need funding. Success attracts funding. Knowingly false claims of success mislead actual and potential funders, both of the guilty organisation and of the organisations and individuals who are the victims of the deceit.


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