A few of the Antisemitism Enablers who signed the pro-Miller letter …..


I have been through all the 251 original academic signatories who signed the support letter for David Miller. I profile around half of them in this blog. The results are jaw-dropping, an indictment of the academic disciplines from which many come (Sociology, Human Rights Law, Media Studies and related ‘soft’ subjects). The one ray of light is that few if any are from the more academic scientific disciplines – such as Physics, Medicine, Maths and Economics.

Some 25 are current or former UCU activists. There is a convicted IRA terrorist and an IRA supporter. Many are Hamas apologists and many more Corbyn supporters. A few are SWP members. Several are rank antisemites. There is the inevitable gaggle of renegade Jews. There are pro-Assad apologists and a Professor who gave names of suspected anti-Russian spies to a fake Russian spy.

The signatories

14 of the 251 names (Postscript: By 3 April it had risen to 457 – I’ll try to cover the additional names in a future blog) are only too familiar to anyone even remotely conversant with Israel-demonising academics:

Abraham Hayeem (RIBA)
Carlo Morelli (University of Dundee and President UCU Scotland)
Derek Summerfield (King’s College London)
Des Freedman (Goldsmiths London)
Haim Bresheeth-Zabner (SOAS)
Hatem Bazian (UC Berkeley and Zaytuna College)
Ilan Pappé (University of Exeter)
John Pilger (Journalist)
Judith Butler (UC Berkeley) (She later withdrew her name)
Les Levidow (Open University)
Malia Bouattia (Red Pepper Magazine, Former President NUS)
Norman Finkelstein (Author)
Roy Greenslade (formerly City University)
Sean Wallis (University College London)

Not a single one of these 251 scumbags spoke out to support Stephen Lamonby, fired from Solent University for expressing an admiration for Jewish people

Not surprisingly academics at Bristol University (12) and at other academic institutions in the Bristol area account for another 16 names.

11 of the names are from King’s London (which has adopted IHRA). 8 are from Queen’s University Belfast; 5 from the institutionally antisemitic SOAS and a further 4 from Goldsmiths.  None of these latter three has adopted the IHRA definition of antisemitism which helps to keep Jewish students safe.   The low number from SOAS may be explained by the appointment of a new Director and resulting fear of a much needed cleanout. Note that at least 8 other names have SOAS experience (Bhandar, Englert, Ismail, Keenan, Mullin, Pradella, Plonski, Newman). SOAS is an incubator of antisemitism.

Some 25 of the UK signatories are current or former University and College Union (UCU) activists. For a UCU activist hatred of Israel is reflexive – the reality is totally irrelevant. I call it ‘Israel Derangement Syndrome’. The UCU activists stick together and Israel Derangement Syndrome is highly contagious. Like the Brazilian Variant of Coronavirus.

At least 69 of the names are from signatories at institutions outside the UK. Eight are from Ireland. Many UK names show no interest in or knowledge of Middle East events or antisemitism, but just seem to be following the leftist UCU herd, infected with Israel Derangement Syndrome. Examples: Des O’Rawe, Queen’s University Belfast; Elizabeth Poole, Keele; Emily Heath, Lancaster; Georgios Papanicolaou, Teesside; Harry Hemingway, UCL

; Helen Colhoun, Edinburgh; Leroy A. Shervington, University of Central Lancashire (retired); Nalini Vittal (UCL); Richard Longman (University of West England); Settimio Fiorenzo Palermo (Middlesex University).

27 of the signatories – plus David Miller – were among the 62 signatories of this letter in the Guardian in June 2017 criticising the UK’s ‘Prevent’ counter-extremism strategy and blaming the previous week’s London Bridge attack on Western foreign policy.

Miller is a member of the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media (WGSPM). So are 10 of his supporters. WGSPM spread the lie that the White Helmets fabricated video evidence of attacks by Assad. The pro-Assad pro-Russian apologists who signed in his support: Louis Allday (SOAS), Oliver Boyd-Barrett (Bowling Green State University), Tim Hayward (University of Edinburgh), Paul McKeigue (University of Edinburgh), Piers Robinson (formerly University of Sheffield), Florian Zollmann (Newcastle University), Richard Jackson (University of Otago, New Zealand), Sami Ramadani (London Metropolitan University (Retired)).

Of the UK-based signatories 11 attempted to stop the Israel Ambassador speaking at SOAS in April 2017 (Mark Abel, Haim Bresheeth, Adrian Budd, Alex Callincos, Sai Englert, Tom Hickey, Brian Kelly, Carlo Morelli, Les Levidow, Sharri Plonski, Mayssoun Sukarieh). Seems their love of free speech depends on the speaker …

The film director Ken Loach has made a number of antisemitic comments. In addition to those, Loach said that Labour MPs who joined the ‘Enough is Enough’ protest outside Parliament (against antisemitism in Labour) were “the ones we need to kick out.”  In 2020 Loach was nominated as a Judge in a schools competition about antiracism. The Board of Deputies of British Jews voiced its concern.  The following ten supporters of Miller also supported Loach at that time (The starred names have profiles below. Penny Green signed the Miller support letter after the initial 251 signatories):

Alex Callinicos* (King’s College London)
James Dickins* (University of Leeds)
Iain Ferguson (University of West of Scotland)
Des Freedman (Goldsmiths University of London)
Penny Green (Queen Mary London)
Henry Maitles* (University of West of Scotland)
Carlo Morelli (University of Dundee)
Ilan Pappe (University of Exeter)
Julia Roberts (Lambeth College)
Sean Wallis (University College London)
Support Miller + Supported Loach

It is instructive to discuss the reasons for support for Miller; I profile around half of the 251 signatories below.

For example Amanda Sackur – listed as an independent researcher – signed the petition supporting the antisemitic Southampton conference in 2015. So did another 16: Barry Finnegan (Griffith College, Dublin), Brenna Bhandar (University of British Columbia), Brian Kelly (Queen’s University Belfast), Christian Henderson (Leiden University, Netherlands), Daniel Boyarin (University of California at Berkeley), Des Freedman (Goldsmiths London), Hatem Bazian (Zaytuna College and University of California, Berkeley), Les Levidow (Open University), Gareth Dale (Brunel University), Judith Butler (University of California, Berkeley) [signature subsequently removed], Lorna Finlayson (University of Essex), Mark Abel (University of Brighton), Nick Evans (King’s College, London), Peter Jones (Sheffield Hallam University), Ray Bush (University of Leeds) and Seamus Deane (University of Notre Dame, Indiana).

Piers Robinson and John Pilger are colleagues (former colleague in the case of Robinson) of David Miller in the Organisation for Propaganda Studies, responsible for 9-11, anti-vax, coronavirus and White Helmet conspiracies. Pilger is on the Advisory Board of Spinwatch.

Aidan White is the former General Secretary of the International Federation of Jornalists. Prior to that he was a Guardian journalist. I believe (like many) he signed the letter without understanding how nasty Miller’s antisemitism is. This Tweet demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the bias of the UN Human Rights Council against Israel:

Alex Callinicos (King’s College, London) is a Trotskyist and member of the Central Committee of the Socialist Workers Party (SWP). He does not accept that antisemitism can come from the Left as well as the Right. Of course he rejects the IHRA definition of antisemitism. Because he’s guilty as charged:

Amanda Sackur signs anti-Israel petitions. She works for UCU, the university teachers’ trade union which is rabidly anti-Israel – it supports the antisemitic Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Anne Alexander (University of Cambridge) is also a UCU activist. She’s a cookie-cutter member of the Socialist Workers’ Party. SWP membership includes indoctrination into the SWP’s demonising malign lies about Israel. See the product here. No wonder she’s a Miller fan.

Barry Finnegan (Griffith College, Dublin) is a cookie-cutter anti-Israel Irish humanities academic …..

Bill Rolston (formerly Ulster University) is a leftist Northern Irish academic who signs anti-Israel petitions.

Bob MacCallum (Imperial College, London) is unusual on this list, coming as he does from a a Sciences background. Fortunately he is a prolific Tweeter and this provides the evidence that he is a cookie-cutter virtue-signalling antisemitism-denying Corbyn supporter with consequent stereotypical mendacious opinions about Israel. He doesn’t bother to consider any facts which challenge his prejudices. Israel Derangement Syndrome.

Brenna Bhandar (Universty of British Columbia) taught at SOAS prior to moving back to Canada. While at SOAS she published this farrago of lies about Israel.

Brian Kelly (Queen’s University Belfast) is also a member of the SWP (Socialist Workers’ Party). He shows no shame in making the antisemitic comparison of Israel’s actions with those of the Nazis. He lies that ‘Zionists have deployed the tragedy of the Holocaust to deflect criticism of Israel’ and that Zionists ‘suggest that one can’t be a “real” Jew and critical of Israel at the same time.’ This is simply offensive drivel. He and Miller are two peas in a pod.

Conor Kostick (Trinity College, Dublin) is a historian. His field is climatic changes in Babylonia during the final eight centuries BCE – so it seems he may have succumbed to peer group pressure regarding his attitude to Israel.

Christian Henderson (Leiden University, Netherlands) is a former Al Jazeera journalist. He shows no inclination to tell the truth about Israel. Israel Derangement Syndrome.

Corinna Mullin (City University New York) wrote her PhD at LSE then spent time at SOAS as a postdoc. Here’s a summary of a post about her by Israel Academia Monitor:

A conference hosted by Oxford University’s Africa Studies Center, on June 27-28, 2019, caused a stir. Five delegates wrote an article “Zionism and the infiltration of global African studies,” protesting how “Zionists and their apologists are infiltrating and co-opting the academy.”

One was Corinna Mullin. They wrote that the conference was “co-opted into a project to legitimize the settler-colonial, apartheid state of Israel and ‘black-wash’ its racist policies and practices… in light of Israel’s ongoing attempts to normalize its relations with African states in coordination with US imperialism.”

Mullin signed the PACBI Statement “Campaign to Boycott the Oral History Conference at Hebrew University of Jerusalem,” in 2013. Mullin legitimized Hamas murderous methods, in 2010, claiming that “the West, and often Israel, its civilization proxy, is constructed as ontologically innocent, rational and peaceful in nature, in contrast to the Islamist terrorist, who is inherently guilty, irrational and violent… jihad, misconstrued as an ideological concept. As these movements are reduced merely to the tactics/strategies they sometimes employ,” ignoring the circumstances “such as brutal occupation, dispossession, daily humiliation and international isolation, and hence the motives behind their use.”

Cecily Blyther (Petroc College, Devon UK) is a UCU activist. She is also a Corbyn supporter and Antisemitism Denier:

Craig Brandist (University of Sheffield) is a UCU activist who buys into the defamatory lies about Israel hook, line and sinker … Israel Derangement Syndrome.

There is no legal obligation on Israel to vaccinate non-residents, any more than there is a legal obligation on Belgium to vacciate French residents

Daniel Boyarin (University of California at Berkeley) has compared Israelis to Nazis, has spread disinformation and has defended disgraced anti-Israel Professor Steven Salaita. He is a major proponent of the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement and has called on UC Berkeley to adopt BDS.

David Cromwell and David Edwards (both of Media Lens) are nasty Corbyn-supporting antisemitism deniers and Israel traducers. David Miller gave Cromwell a glowing (and hilarious) puff in 2012. “You scatch my back ….. “ Cromwell is on the Advisory Board of Spinwatch.

David Price (St Martin’s University, Lacey, Washington State) is a BDS activist. Price is a member of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) and was part of a group that unsuccessfully lobbied in 2016 for an AAA boycott of Israeli academic institutions. In 2016 Price co-authored an Anthro Boycott blog post which promoted the anti-Israel Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP) organisation and repeatedly accused Israel of “settler colonialism.” The two authors added that Israel has committed “atrocities” and that Israel was “the most challenging political issue facing American anthropologists since the Vietnam War.”

David Whyte (Universityof Liverpool) is a Professor at Liverpool University and a UCU activist. When it comes to Israel he’s a mendacious demonising toe-rag. No wonder he’s a Miller groupie. He bought into the libellous conspiracy theory about Israeli police training US police 100%:

Deepa Govindarajan Driver (University of Reading) is a far Left academic and UCU activist. Her tweets show zero understanding of antisemitism or issues of concern to the Jewish community. Israel Derangement Syndrome. She chairs Camden Momentum and supports Corbyn and Chris Williamson.

Deepa Kumar (Rutgers University) is a frequent speaker at Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) events on US campuses. Many of her speaking events are sponsored by the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement. She refers to Israel as a settler colonial state. Kumar sparked outrage for a Tweet in which she declared that “the US is more brutal than ISIS.” She attempted to sanitise Hamas by emphasising its efforts to liberate Palestinians from “the continued brutality of the Israeli occupation” in a 2009 article entitled “Behind the Myths about Hamas.”

Duncan McLaren (Lancaster University) is yet another signatory who appears clueless about antisemitism, the politics of the Middle East or issues of concern to the Jewish community. Israel Derangement Syndrome. All he knows is to play the good old Livingstone Formulation game (that is, dismissing genuine accusations of antisemitism as attempts to silence critics of Israel). I always ask someone who plays this game if they can come up with an example (of an illegitimate accuation of antisemitism). They never can!

Elizabeth Lawrence (formerly Sheffield Hallam University) is a former UCU activist who also appears clueless about antisemitism, the politics of the Middle East or issues of concern to the Jewish community. These academics simply went with the leftist flow ….. Israel Derangement Syndrome.

Ewa Sidorenko (University of Greenwich) is a typical far leftist Corbyn supporter and denier of his antisemitism. The only evidence of her involvement in Middle East politics simply demonstrates her ignorance:

Eyal Sivan is an Israeli film-maker who lives in France.  In 2004 philosopher Alain Finkelkraut said that Sivan’s film ‘Route 181’ was a ‘call to murder Jews‘ and that Sivan himself was representative of a ‘particularly painful, particularly frightening reality – Jewish anti-Semitism‘. Finkelkraut also claimed that Sivan’s film was a constant plagiarism of Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah. Sivan sued him for libel. He lost.

At the trial Finkielkraut said that the film rests entirely on an analogy between the fate of the Palestinians and the destiny of Jews under Nazism.

Lanzmann also testified at the trial: ‘Alain Finkielkraut is right, there is very real anti-Semitism: anti-Semitic Jews exist and have for a long time. This man is anti-Semitic.’

Following the trial, Sivan lost his teaching position at CLEMI (the French Ministry of Education’s centre for information media) and the French television network ARTE ceased commissioning his films. 

In 2019 Sivan called for a boyott of a music festival in Berlin due to its sponsorship by the Israel Embassy. The Open Letter that he signed called Israel a ‘racist regime’.  

Miller and Sivan? A match made in hell.

Farah Ahmed (University of Cambridge) wrote a Hizb ut Tahrir (HT) pamphlet, ‘Education and Identity’. Andrew Gilligan called HT a ‘deeply nasty, racist and segregationist group’.  She decries ‘attempts to integrate Muslim children’ into British society as an effort ‘to produce new generations that reject Islam’. She describes English as ‘one of the most damaging subjects’ a school can teach and attacks fairy tales, saying these ‘reflect secular and immoral beliefs that contradict the viewpoint of Islam’. She reportedly says that subjects such as foreign history, foreign languages and foreign literature should be taught only at higher levels with the view of refuting their ideas and exposing their falsehood. No wonder she defends Miller who claims that the Union of Jewish Students pursues  a “campaign of censorship” which “renders Arab and Muslim students, as well as anti-Zionist Jewish students, particularly unsafe”.

Féilim Ó Hadhmaill (University College, Cork) has reportedly been convicted for possessing IRA bombs (Roy Greenslade was also an IRA supporter). He was sentenced to 25 years in prison but was released after four as part of the Good Friday Agreement. He is an Israel boycotter.

Feyzi Ismail (Goldsmiths, University of London) did her PhD at SOAS. In 2017 she signed a petition in support of Malia Bouattia, the NUS President (and current Miller supporter) who in a blog described the University of Birmingham as ‘something of a Zionist outpost‘, followed by the comment that ‘it also has the largest Jewish Society in the country, whose leadership is dominated by Zionist activists‘. Ismail’s demonisation of Israel is clear:

Florian Zollmann (Newcastle University) is a pro-Assad apologist, see above. I can only find one thing he’s written about Israel and of course he toes the demonising leftist line. Here’s one sentence of Zollmann’s: ‘At the beginning of the recent Gaza assault, Israel had actually used the murder of three Israeli youths as a pretense to intimidate members of Hamas and sabotage the forming of the Palestinian Unity Government‘.

Now the truth.  In April 2014 Fatah and Hamas agreed to unite. Because Hamas is a terrorist organisation sworn to Israel’s destruction, Israel suspended peace talks. Hamas bombardment of Israel from Gaza increased. In June 2014 Hamas abducted and killed three Israeli teenagers. In June and July 2014, Israel uncovered additional cross-border assault tunnels constructed by Hamas for the purpose of terrorist attacks on Israel. When Hamas and other terrorist organisations fired over 60 rockets at Israel from Gaza on July 7, Israel was left with no choice but to launch an aerial campaign, ‘Operation Protective Edge’.

Leftist Gareth Dale (Brunel University) doesn’t write much about Israel but I found this. He RTd Jonathan Cook who has a long history of ‘understanding’ terror against Israelis. Cook is a vocal denier of Corbyn’s antisemitism. His suggestion that the Chief Rabbi fuelled antisemitism by speaking out is defamatory and ludicrous. All endorsed by Dale. Israel Derangement Syndrome.

Gary Fooks (Aston University) is at the same institution as Tom Mills (Mills and Miller have worked together from the ‘Spinwatch‘ time ten years ago). Like Dale, Fooks doesn’t write a lot about Israel but he couldn’t resist tweeting this defamatory Guardian article – Israel Derangement Syndrome:

That Big Lie was debunked here and here.

Goldie Osuri (Warwick University) has kept her job despite telling students that “accusations of antisemitism within the Labour Party were pushed by the “Israel lobby” ” and that there was an attempt to “discredit” Labour “because there is support for Palestine among some members.”

Gordon Asher is listed only as ‘Independent Scholar’. His identity is tentatively assumed to be this person. This person shares posts about Israel by Jonathan Cook and Noam Chomsky. Like them he is viciously anti-Israel. His response to the case of Noah Lewis – the Canadian student who was awarded damages by SOAS because the antisemitism there was so bad that he felt obliged to withdraw from his program – tells you all you need to know:

And for good measure (in response to Security Council Resolution 2334, Obama’s vicious parting shot against Israel):

Hamish Cunningham‘s (University of Sheffield) field is computer science. But as a Corbot he is of course obliged to have a ritual swipe at Israel even though he knows very little about the country’s history. Classic Israel Derangement Syndrome. Here’s his personal blog. Note that he believes Israel ‘steals land‘ (lie) and that this is done on the pretext of compensation for the Holocaust (an antisemitic lie and pig ignorant):

Of course among enablers of antisemitism there are always Jews. Among Miller’s defenders are Renegade Jews you will have heard of: Chomsky, Pappé and Finkelstein for example are Big Beasts in the Renegade Jungle. But there’s also a Renegade Jew you might not have heard of: Enter Henry Maitles. Maitles (he’s Emeritus) parrots all the lies of the Israel haters. Because he IS an Israel hater. He’s an SWP supporter and supports BDS. He cites Pappé. He has praised the antisemitic play Perdition. He tells us that criticism of Israel is silenced by the charge of antisemitism (Yawn). He lies, eg this : ‘For many years the Left has argued that Zionism has been a disaster for peoples in Israel and Palestine and the solution is democratic secular Palestine.” ‘One State’ in other words. Maitles As-A-Jew wants to see the world’s only Jewish State pass into history.

The way to ward off vampires is to wave garlic in front of them. The way to ward off Renegade Jews is to respond with Truth. Some of them can’t take the truth. Maitles couldn’t take the truth when challenged in debate by David Collier. Rather than be exposed a a liar in front of students, he pulled out at short notice, on an absurd pretext. What A Coward……….

Iain Munro (Newcastle University) is a prolific retweeter (@iainmunro10). You get the measure of this Corbyn supporter by noticing whom he likes to retweet: eg Lowkey, StopTheWar, Deepa Govindarajan Driver (see above), Wikileaks, Richard Burgon MP, Edward Snowden, Jonathan Cook (see above), John Pilger (see above), Julian Assange, Noam Chomsky (see above), Craig Murray, Zara Sultana MP. Munro is also a big supporter of Julian Assange, the Wikileaks co-founder whose disclosures put dissidents in Afghanistan and Iraq at risk of serious harm, torture or even death. His views on Israel are unclear but it’s probably safe to guess that he isn’t a member of the Zionist Federation.

Ismail Patel is the Chair of Friends of Al-Aqsa. He has reportedly defended the antisemitic genocidal terrorist group, Hamas, saying: “Hamas is not a terrorist organisation. The reason that they hate Hamas is because they refuse to be subjugated to be occupied by the Israeli state and we salute Hamas for standing up to Israel.”

Meet Issam Aburaya (Seton Hall University, New Jersey). Educated in Israel. Now an A-Grade Israel hater, his Facebook page is a sewer. How can he possibly teach ‘World Religions’, which includes Judaism?

James Cussens (University of Bristol) is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science – and an Israel boycotter. Maybe he can explain how he runs his computer without an Intel chip?

James Dickins (University of Leeds) teaches Arabic. Never was there an anti-Israel petition that Dickins didn’t sign. Assuming it’s him, he donated generously to Palestine Action which breaks the law (the collection was later closed because it would fund criminal acts):

His mendacious demonisation of Israel is amply demonstrated by this motion which he wrote for the Leeds UCU (the university teachers’ trade union) in 2018:

The name James Kleinfeld (‘Al Jazeera Investigative Unit’) may be familiar ….

Jeanette Jouili (Syracuse University) signed a BDS petition supporting the right to boycott.

Jesse Owen Hearns-Branaman (United International College, China) says that Zionism equals racism – which is antisemitic, see IHRA. Miller was the external examiner for his PhD.

And meet John Booth, ‘Independent Writer’ and Antisemitism Denier:

In the two years since Corbyn was elected leader, Labour’s support has grown in terms of members, supporters and voters. The claims of party antisemitism in that time have been strident, but often serving as little more than proxy attacks upon Corbyn and the direction of Labour under his leadership. Corbyn can be criticised for many things but this is best done directly and with precision. In these brittle political times to employ the devious and crude instrument of ‘anti-semitism’ is a dishonest and dangerous strategy.

http://www.lobster-magazine.co.uk (Winter 2017)

John Narayan’s (King’s College, London) ‘most recent research has focused on the understudied transnationalism of Black Power.’  There is a nasty streak of antisemitism running through some black movements eg Black Lives Matter. And Narayan has tweeted this:

Only antisemites refer to ‘Apartheid Israel’.  The accusation that Israel practises ‘Apartheid’is a malevolent smear.  The ebook that Narayan is recommending is here.  Published in 2014, it contains articles by six academics in S Africa and five in North America. Robin D.G. Kelley (UCLA) writes: “That Israel and its colonial occupation meet the UN’s definition of an apartheid state is beyond dispute.” Rubbish! During a May 2013 BDS lecture, Kelley suggested that Palestinians have a right to use violence against Israel and complained that the suggestion that Palestinians should resist non-violently is a “bludgeon” used to beat Palestinians. Salim Vally (University of Johannesburg) writes that ‘the canard of “anti-Semitism” is used opportunistically by the supporters of Israel against anyone opposed to Israel’s policies.’ This lie is so beloved of antisemites that it even has a name:  the Livingstone Formulation. Bill Freund (formerly of University of KwaZulu-Natal) refer to Robert Fisk as ‘one of the most trustworthy sources on what really goes on in and about Israel’. Here’s the truth about Fisk. And here.  Marissa Moorman (University of Indiana, Bloomington) also contributes. In January 2017, Moorman published an article in which she described Israel as an example of ‘a pattern of white settler states not only red-baiting but actively attacking liberation movements.Melissa Levin is an expatriate South African who teaches in Toronto. She makes the profoundly antisemitic allegation that the IDF steals body parts (‘And those who maintain the landlessness and incarceration even steal their dead’).  Another Renegade Jew…………

I’m certain Miller will be proud that Narayan is supporting him …………

Joseph Choonara (University of Leicester) is an SWP member. He trots out the standard SWP lies concerning Israel plus he’s an antisemitism denier. He cites fellow SWP member  Rob Ferguson as an authority on antisemitism!  


Julian Petley (Brunel University) signed a letter to the Guardian in April 2018 complaining that there was too much media coverage of Corbyn’s “alleged” failure to deal with antisemitism. “ALLEGED????” (Three other Miller supporters – Des Freedman, Natalie Fenton and Tom Mills – also signed it). And here he is with the same theme on Russia Today (March 2019).

Here’s what Petley says (in Pointing the Finger: Islam and Muslims in the British Media) about John Ware’s meticulously researched Panorama ‘A Question of Leadership’ (2005). He accuses Ware of engaging in :

smear journalism, an odious form of journalism that either lacks the proof for the points it wishes to make, or the courage to say what it means and face the legal consequences, or both. This is exactly the kind of journalism one expects from the tabloid press (for which Ware, entirely unsurprisingly, once worked), but to find it in full flower on what is supposed to be the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme is surely quite unacceptable.

Next up is Kevin Bean. His entry says ‘Liverpool University’ but it seems he left there some time ago. The name might be familiar. In May 2020 he was suspended by Labour along with three other party officials in the Liverpool Wavertree constituency when it was discovered that they had emailed a statement to local Party members attacking the local MP, Paula Barker, for an article she wrote in a local Jewish newspaper, the Jewish Telegraph, trying to mend fences over antisemitism.  (Barker had replaced Luciana Berger who resigned from Labour because of Corbyn’s own antisemitism and his failure to deal with antisemitism in the Party). Appallingly the statement from Bean+3 said:

We have to express our disappointment and hurt that someone we campaigned for so wholeheartedly appears to have reiterated the inaccurate and factionally motivated position on antisemitism which was used in order to personally attack and seriously undermine Labour’s socialist programme during the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn.

Bean was also Chair of Labour Against the Witchhunt,  a group for those expelled from Labour and their sympathisers – in other words a group chock-full of antisemites. As such, he signed a letter to the Morning Star (the Communist newspaper) protesting about the suspension from Labour of Jackie Walker.

Then in October it became known that Bean was a member and official of the Communist Party of Great Britain (CPGB). He was promptly expelled from Labour for infringing the rule about multiple party membership.

We’re not yet done with Mr Bean! Kevin Bean has an alter ego,  ‘James Harvey’, the name he used to sign many of his articles for the CPGB online publication ‘Weekly Worker’. Here he is discussing the ‘ridiculous’ ‘weaponisation of antisemitism’. Almost identical words to Miller who wrote abouta weaponization of bogus anti-Semitism claims to shut down and manipulate discussion of Islamophobia’. No wonder Bean supports Miller. At least James Harvey didn’t sign the letter too – I checked.

Laurence Dreyfus (Oxford University, Emeritus) signs every anti-Israel petition going. He’s a cultural boycotter. He also signed an asinine letter to the Jewish Chronicle saying that it shouldn’t criticise Corbyn’s antisemitism so much. Dreyfus never explains his animosity to Israel. Music AAA+++ Understanding Of The Middle East CCC—.

Leon Sealey-Huggins is similar to Dreyfus. In 2016 he signed this letter (in the Independent) in support of the then NUS president Malia Bouattia, ignoring in other words her description of the University of Birmingham as a “Zionist outpost”. He buys into every leftist defamatory lie about Israel unquestioningly (see Fooks above for debunking):

Lesley McGorrigan is a leftist UCU activist

As such, demonisation of Israel is obligatory – Israel Derangement Syndrome – as is support of Miller, an academic criticised by Jewish representative institutions – and opposition to the Prevent programme, which combats extremism. McGorrigan’s demonisation of Israel goes back a  long way. In 2009 the Zionist Federation brought Israeli science academics to the UK to give lectures to schoolchildren. It was a great success despite the best efforts of McGorrigan and others to get it cancelled (Other Miller supporters who signed: Tariq Modood, James Dickens, Haim Bresheeth, Saladin Meckled-Garcia, Les Levidow, Tom Hickey, Derek Summerfield).

Loretta Capeheart (Northeastern Illinois University, retired) supports an academic and cultural boycott of Israel.

Lorna Finlayson (Essex University) is a far Left Israel hating political agitator.

Louis Allday (PhD candidate, SOAS) is an Arabist who has ‘gone native’ and posts  entirely predictable Israel-demonising lies and propaganda.

Source: Electronic Intifada

This is a defamatory lie. Plan Dalet was NOT a ‘premeditated and systematic ethnic cleansing of 700,000+ Palestinians by Zionist forces because they were not Jewish.’

As Benny Morris has written,

There was no Zionist ‘plan’ or blanket policy of evicting the Arab population, or of ‘ethnic cleansing’. Plan Dalet (Plan D), of March 10th, 1948 (it is open and available for all to read in the IDF Archive and in various publications), was the master plan of the Haganah – the Jewish military force that became the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) – to counter the expected pan-Arab assault on the emergent Jewish state. That’s what it explicitly states and that’s what it was.


Lucia Pradella (King’s College London) is a Marxist who retweets Lowkey, Zarah Sultana MP, Yanis Varoufakis, Malia Bouattia, Barnaby Raine and Nicola Pratt.  So although there is not a huge amount of evidence of Israel Derangement Syndrome, it seems safe to assume that her antiracism is selective.

Marian Carty (Goldsmiths) is a UCU activist. The fact that she calls Jewish Voice for Labour ‘true antiracists‘ tells you everything: JVL was created to whitewash antisemitism in Labour.

Marian Mayer (Bournemouth University) is a UCU activist who retweets people and organisations who don’t understand or recognise antisemitism. Neither does she.

Marion Hersh (Glasgow University) is another UCU activist. She signed a petition calling on the Lincoln Centre in New York not to host Israeli theatre companies. Israel Derangement Syndrome.

Mark Abel (Brighton University) is a UCU activist; he chairs Brighton University UCU. He moved the motion at UCU Congress to reject the IHRA definition of antisemitism.

He is on record as saying that the IHRA definition has been used ‘to silence criticism of Israel and support for the Palestinians’. This is nonsense. Another untruth is that ‘The union [UCU] won a landmark legal case on freedom to debate Israel’. The case in question was an Employment Tribunal and they cannot be used as legal precedents. So it is wrong to call it a ‘landmark’ case. There are several other lies in Abel’s statement.

Here (18:00) Abel talks about why his university (Brighton) did NOT adopt the IHRA definition of antisemitism.   It is clear from the evidence in the video that he and other UCU members corralled support on the basis of false arguments against IHRA. For example:

#1. At 22:10 Abel speaks about someone teaching Holocaust Studies who – when told that ‘exaggerating the Holocaust’ (his words) is antisemitic under IHRA – said that this reference “was incoherent and would be problematic for their teaching”.  BUT THAT’S NOT WHAT THE DEFINITION SAYS: IT SAYS THAT THIS IS ANTISEMITIC: ‘Accusing the Jews as a people, or Israel as a state, of inventing or exaggerating the Holocaust’. If Abel and colleagues MISREPRESENTED the definition then any responses on the basis of misrepresentation should have been ignored.

#2. Look what he says next about IHRA: ‘Someone from a country which has been subject to Israeli armed aggression said that their legitimate right to express opposition to that would be under threat.’   Complete nonsense.

#3. And next: ‘Antisemitic supporters of Israel would be exculpated [ie cleared from guilt] from the charge of antisemitism under the definition’. Complete nonsense again.

#4. And next ‘Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was trying to designate as antisemitic Amnesty International, Oxfam and Human Rights Watch.’ What’s the problem? These three organisations have all made statements that ARE antisemitic!

#5. Apparently the management at Brighton University was considering adopting IHRA with the two caveats suggested by the House of Commons Home Affairs Committee.  Abel says that a Brighton University staff member suggested that the two caveats were contradictory with some of the examples in the IHRA definition.  Rubbish. These were the two caveats:

#1 It is not antisemitic to criticise the Government of Israel, without additional evidence to suggest antisemitic intent.

#2 It is not antisemitic to hold the Israeli Government to the same standards as other liberal democracies, or to take a particular interest in the Israeli Government’s policies or actions, without additional evidence to suggest antisemitic intent.’

#1 is obvious – The definition says it – how can there be any contradiction?

#2 needs to be looked at in two parts:

#I: Of course it’s not antisemitic to hold Israel to the same standards as other democracies. IHRA says it’s antisemitic to hold Israel to a DIFFERENT standard (“requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation”). But no contradiction!

#II: ‘To take a particular interest … ‘ Singling out Israel IS by definition antisemitic (‘requiring of it a behavior not expected or demanded of any other democratic nation‘). Proof of ‘antisemitic intent’ is not necessary – it is antisemitic by definition. But no contradiction with any of the examples!

There’s more: Abel says “A petition was organised urging the University not to adopt IHRA on the grounds that it would curtail independent scholarship and teaching and would expose the university to legal challenge either for failing to fulfil its statutory to defend freedom of expression or for failing to use the definition to identify antisemitism [recording not complete here].  In other words the University would be in a double bind. “ This is nonsense. IHRA des not in any way inhibit freedom of expression, there has not been a single example. If the University fails to use the definition to identify antisemitism, that is not a legal issue since the IHRA Definition is not a law!

Abel goes on to say what arguments the UCU at Brighton University used to deter management from adopting IHRA….

Just listen (24:37):

We decided we had to emphasise the negative effects of adoption, not in terms of principle but in terms of the practical difficulties adoption would cause for management of the University. This meant highlighting the repercussions for the University of contested disciplinary or legal cases which might generate create fraught divisions within the institution, create minefields for managers and attract negative publicity outside the University.  As well as warning that it could fall foul of its legal obligation to defend freedom of expression, the UCU’s submission pointed out that having adopted the definition, the University would find itself obliged to police all courses, lectures, reference materials, reading lists, meeting topics, scholarly activities, funded research, published outcomes and potentially social media posts as well.  It spoke of the possibility of legal cases and raised the possibility of industrial disputes, as the UCU would be obliged to defend its members facing sanction on the basis of the definition.”

So get this – Brighton University UCU (i) misrepresented the IHRA definition to academics there (ii) told the University management that it was wrong to protect Jewish students because of the paperwork it might involve.Truly truly shameful and shocking.

Martin Maguire (Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland) supports an academic and cultural boycott of Israel.

Marwan Elfallah (University of East London) is an Israel hater:

Max Ajl (postdoc at Wageningen University, Netherlands) is a hardcore Israel hater who volunteered for the Internatinal Solidarity Movement in Gaza. He writes that: ‘Anti-Zionism is not merely criticism of current Israeli policies or even the idea of a Jewish nation-state. It is a rejection of an imperially-imposed, racist, settler-colonial state.’

Michael Pierse (Queen’s University Belfast) is a cookie-cutter Irish Israel hater:

Meet former UCU activist Michael Szpakowski, listed as ‘Independent Artist and Scholar’.

Miloud Chennoufi (Royal Military College, Canada) is a mendacious Israel hater:

Mohan Dutta’s (Massey University, New Zealand) anti-Israel extremism is described here.

Myka Tucker-Abramson (Warwick University) is a UCU activist. She keeps quiet about Israel but I found this from 12 years ago ‘From Jewish Youth in Canada‘ – the young Ms T-A signed up to ‘condemning Zionism to the dustbin of history‘.

And a big Shout-Out to Myshele Haywood (Independent Researcher) who is ex-Strathclyde University in Scotland:

Narzanin Massoumi (University of Exeter) co-authored a paper (September 2019) for the Transnational Institute with David Miller, criticising the government’s counter-terrorism strategy. There were eight other co-authors. Four of them signed the Miller support letter: Tom Mills, Arun Kundnani, Nisha Kapoor and Rizwaan Sabir. They made the false analogy between the Good Friday Agreement and the War on Terror, with the conclusion that the same methods should be used against terrorists as were used against the IRA.  This is patently absurd as well as ahistoric, because the Good Friday Agreement was only possible because the IRA agreed to lay down its arms – by contrast Jihadists show no sign of renouncing violence.  The authors also say that the Prevent policy has been almost entirely focused on Muslim populations.  See chart below – this may have been true in 2015/16 and 2016/17 but it has not been true since March 2017 and certainly was not true when this paper was published (September 2019).

Home Office: Individuals referred to and supported through Prevent, April 2019 to March 2020

The Channel programme is the individually-assessed and administered programme to which those referred to Prevent pass if they are considered in danger of radicalisation.  In the year to 31.3.20 (spanning the date when the report was published) there were 697 Channel referrals, 43% of right wing extremists and 30% of Islamists.

Doctoral student Nathan Lean (Georgetown University) is reportedy an Israel-hating Leftist thug.

Nicholas Cimini (Edinburgh Napier University) describes himself as a ‘Revolutionary Socialist’. He’s an Israel boycotter who buys into defamatory lies about Israel:


He’s a Corbyn supporter and a facebook friend of Mick Napier who, on the death of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, called him “an utter racist swine”.

Nisha Kapoor (Warwick) wasn’t happy on 13 December 2019:

She claims that racism is her primary research interest. Strange then that (like her idol Corbyn) she doesn’t realise that anti-Zionism and antisemitism are two sides of the same coin:

Norman Finkelstein (formerly DePaul University) has no right to style himself ‘Professor’. He never had tenure.

Oliver Boyd-Barrett (Emeritus, Bowling Green State University, Ohio) thinks that warnings about the threat posed by Iran are Fake News.

Paddy Hillyard (formerly Queen’s University Belfast) wrote a ludicrous article recommending that the word ‘terrorism’ be dropped because governments’ response to terror is insufficiently distinguishable from the terror itself.

Patrick Barrett (University of Wisconsin) keeps a low profile but this link demonstrates that he shows movies which demonise Israel in his faculty cinema.

We already met Paul McKeigue (University of Edinburgh) as a colleague of Miller on WGSPM which spread the lie that the White Helmets fabricated video evidence of attacks by Assad. The Times (26 March 2021) had this revelation about him:

The Times 27 March 2021

Paul O’Connell (SOAS) tried to stop the Israel Ambassador speaking at SOAS:


Peter E. Jones (Sheffield Hallam University) is yet another plain reflexive Israel hater who suffers from Israel Derangement Syndrome:

Peter Evans is a leftist UCU activist. He retweets far Left MPs and Corbyn supporters such as Claudia Webbe MP, Aaron Bastani, John McDonnell MP, Bell Ribeiro-Addy MP, Richard Burgon MP and Zarah Sultana MP. All have antisemitic history.

His tweets show support for fellow leftist UCU activists who are Miller supporters eg Marian Mayer, Mark Abel, Deepa Govindarajan Driver. Like them he is a reflexive Israel demoniser with Israel Derangement Syndrome who demonstrates zero understanding of the complexities of the Middle East:

Phil Scraton (Emeritus, Queen’s University Belfast) was offered (and refused) an OBE for his work on the Hillsborough Independent Panel. It is truly shocking that an academic of his calibre opts to support an antisemite. The fact that even he signs anti-Israel petitions shows how tightly Israel Derangement Syndrome has gripped Irish Academia.

Rachel Barrett (King’s College London) is a UCU activist.

Ray Bush (University of Leeds) sends antisemitic tweets comparing Israel to Nazi Germany. Initially it was unclear whether Leeds University would investigate him but a more recent report appears to confirm an investigation. See also here.

Remi Brulin (City University New York) is yet another Israel Hater. He writes for the extreme anti-Israel publication Mondoweiss.

Richard Jackson (University of Otago, New Zealand) is a terrorist sympathiser.

Meet Richard Longman (University of the West of England). Well, I suppose that Ralph Waldo Emerson did say that “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”. All the same ……………

Richard McEwan (New City College) is a UCU hyper-activist with a shocking case of Israel Derangement Syndrome. He toes the UCU Left line meticulously. He retweets many of the other UCU activists who signed for Miller: Hersh, Hughes, Abel, McGorrigan, Whyte, Deepa Driver, Callinicos – as well as the far left MPs Webbe, Ribeiro-Addy, Sultana, McDonnell and Tarry.

He has retweeted the rap artist Lowkey who is vehemently anti-Zionist. Here Lowkey asserts that Israel trains the US police with the implication of course that Israel was responsible for the death of George Floyd. McEwan mindlessly retweets without bothering to factcheck (it’s fake news).

McKewan promoted a UCU event designed to stop Universities adopting the IHRA definition of antisemitism which helps Jewish students to be safe. Speakers included Naomi Wimborne-Idrissi, suspended from Labour for antisemitism, and Jonathan Rosenhead.  Also Mark Abel and Tom Hickey, both of whom signed the pro-Miller letter.  The link to the video of Mark Abel’s talk is posted in the description of him above.

Rizwaan Sabir (Liverpool John Moores University) already appeared above, as a co-author with David Miller of a 2019 paper criticising the government’s counter-terrorism strategy.  Before that – in 2012 – he co-authored with Miller a chapter for a book ‘War on Terror’ – the chapter was headed ‘Counterterrorism as Counterinsurgency in the UK’.  Sabir and Miller were together at Strathclyde University in 2011. They both moved to Bath University where Sabir did his PhD, supervised by Miller.  He argued that the Prevent policy ‘is an organised and strategic effort to use coercion and propaganda to control the behaviour and activity of Muslim communities and thereby constitutes a form of state-terrorism’.

Opposition to the Prevent counter-extremism strategy remains a theme of Sabir’s research. At a Conference in 2016 he reportedly called the policy ‘racist’ and stated that it was part of a “top-down state-led campaign of Islamophobia”.  In a speech in 2015 he claimed that the Quilliam Foundation (a counter-extremism body) “has been manufactured by the government to serve as a strategic asset by the UK government to undermine political Islam”. He retweets CAGE, an organisation which allegedly has a longstanding Jihadist ideology. Israel hasn’t been a central focus of his social media but it’s safe to say he probably won’t be joining the Zionist Federation any time soon ……….

Rob Faure Walker (SOAS) runs an anti-PREVENT newsletter.  He wrote an article in the pro-Corbyn online newspaper Novara Media rubbishing Quilliam, after Quilliam criticised an AHRC/EHRC report that evidence-free recommended scrapping PREVENT.

He’s a busy chap. He retweets all the Corbot loons: Pilger, Craig Murray, Sarkar, Osland, Lowkey, Rivkah Brown, Bastani, Glenn Greenwald. Plus Nadia Whittome MP and  5PillarsUK.com.  But he still has time to share the Israel Vaccine Libel and the vandalism of Elbit – since he too has caught the Israel Derangement Syndrome Virus:

Sahar Ghumkhor (University of Melbourne) is a thoroughly nasty Israel hater. Here she suggests the conspiracy that Israel was partly responsible for the tragic explosion and fire in Beirut in August 2020.

Sai Englert (Leiden University, Netherlands) is an ex-SOAS As-A-Jew Israel Hater. He also writes for the extreme anti-Israel publication Mondoweiss. More here.

Saladin Meckled-Garcia (UCL) is a UCU activist. He believes that Zionism is a racist political ideology. Guess he never noticed that the UN’s ‘Zionism equals racism’ resolution was repealed. You can see him speaking about the IHRA definition of antisemitism here (15.50). He needs to get his facts right. Fraser v UCU was not ‘in the High Court’, it was an Employment Tribunal.  Employment Tribunal cases cannot be used as legal precedents. So his argument that the result of that case forces supporters of IHRA outside the Courts falls apart. There needs to be a test case to establish that Zionism is a ‘belief’ for the purposes of the Equality Act and is therefore a Protected Characteristic. If ethical veganism is regarded as a belief  – then so should Zionism be so regarded.

Dr Meckled-Garcia gives zero indication on the video that he appreciates the impact of antisemitism on Jewish students. On the contrary, what he says is pretty nasty. He says that it’s important to resist the adoption of the IHRA definition by universities because “organisations external to the university system that have a political aim in advancing this definition can exert power within the university system in the way that they seem to be exerting power within the Labour Party by having the Labour leadership succumb to all their demands” !!

Salman Sayyid (University of Leeds) has spoken at a number of MEND-organised events.There is ample evidence of the links of the MEND organisation (Muslim Engagement and Development) to extremism. Sayyid has also had associations with the IHRC which organises the pro-Hezbollah Al-Quds Day marches. He also participates in events with hate speakers.

Sami Al-Arian (Istanbul Zaim University) seeks Israel’s destruction. In the US he reportedly founded the Islamic Committee for Palestine (ICP), which served as “the active arm of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine” and raised money for the terrorist group. He was reportedly deported from the US.

Sami Ramadani (retired from London Metropolitan University) is a deluded conspiracy theorist and Israel hater.  It is a disgrace that he held a UK academic position.  Ramadani believes that ISIS is serving Israeli interests.  He claims that Zionists bombed Baghdad synagogues in 1950-51 (a claim fisked here). He is an Israel hater:

Ramadani is a Corbyn worshipper. Corbyn calls himfascinating, great friend’…..

He posts false maps – fisked here

He propagates the vaccine libel:

In summary there could never have been any doubt that Ramadani would be first in the queue to back Miller.

Sarah Marusek (University of Leeds) is a convert to Shi’ite Islam. She does presentations for the IHRC, which is an Iran ‘propaganda’ organisation.   She has co-authored with David Miller a series of Spinwatch reports on the Israel lobby in the United States and Europe, including: The Israel Lobby in Europe; The Henry Jackson Society and the Degeneration of British Neoconservatism: Liberal Interventionism, Islamophobia and the ‘War on Terror’; and How Israel Attempts to Mislead the United Nations: Deconstructing Israel’s Campaign against the Palestinian Return Centre.

In 2012 she was working for PressTV in the US and after an interview with the Hezbollah satellite TV station Al-Manar,  she said this: “Decision makers in the U.S. are living in fear because of the Zionist lobby; if they made a decision that supports the Palestinians, they will be condemned and lose their jobs and the support they have.” In 2013 she was awarded her PhD at Syracuse University , a private research university in New York State. The title of her thesis was “Faith, Religious Rationality and Resistance: The Charitable Practices of Shi’i Movements in Lebanon“. Her supervisor was the Marxist Donald Mitchell.  She developed her thesis into  a book, published in 2018.

Marusek is firmly in the Miller ‘Spinwatch’ camp. In this article written with Miller, she calls CAMERA “an Islamophobic watchdog organisation that bullies media outlets into producing pro-Israel coverage”, taking the quote from the International Jewish Anti-Zionist Network (IJAN).  The truth is, if IJAN say that then it must be a great organisation  (it is – and IJAN is viciously anti-Israel!). Further, she and Miller wrongly call the settlement Ariel ‘illegal’. When an article about Israel asserts ‘The Israeli state and wider Israel lobby have diligently sought to divert attention away from Israel’s crimes’ you know for sure that the authors have a bad case of Israel Derangement Syndrome.

Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor (Coventry University) is ‘Research Group Lead for Faith and Peaceful Relations at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Coventry University, UK. She is Chair (2020-2023) of the Muslims in Britain Research Network (MBRN) and is editor of the Review of Social and Scientific Study of Religion.’ UniversitiesUK  recently hosted her at their 2-day Conference ‘Tackling violence, harassment and hate incidents’.

Wow.  Sounds like she is way overdue for at least an OBE!  You’d think  such an eminent antiracist would be with Baroness Deech, Anthony Julius and the many equally high achievers who signed the letter deploring Miller’s antisemitism, wouldn’t you? Maybe she made an honest mistake? I’ve asked her…..

And you’d think such an eminent antiracist and communal peace advocate would be condemning Corbyn’s antisemitism – right?

Oh but antisemitism is nothing to do with Corbyn ….

Rivkah Brown said so. And to prove it she adduced that appallingly flawed 2017 JPR paper which should have long since been pulped.

And of course the ‘Prevent’ counter-extremism programme ‘is disastrous for children and young people’.  Even though 12% of the 269 Islamism-Related Offences in the years 1998-2015 were committed by full-time students.

Now let’s have the truth about that 4-year old boy. He saw his cousin playing the online game Fortnite. In an after-school club he claimed that his father had “guns and bombs in his shed“, referring to the game. An adult (a teacher presumably) correctly referred him to Prevent: Better safe than sorry. And no it wasn’t the boy who was the concern – it was the father!

The boy’s mother said the referral would have never happened if the boy was white. What odious victimhood and how disrespectful towards the teacher or other adult who referred the case.

Really shameful that Sariya Cheruvallil-Contractor is supporting Miller.…………………..

81-year old Seamus Deane (retired from University of Notre Dame, Indiana) has long been an anti-Israel Irish activist.

Sharri Plonski (Queen Mary, University of London) is an Israeli-born traducer of Israel. She has SOAS experience.

Sheila Delaney (Emerita, Simon Fraser University, Canada) wrote in support of Steven Salaita who was denied tenure  by the University of Illinois after a  stream of antisemitic tweets were uncovered.  She has also signed in support of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, accused of antisemitism by many.

Simon Dawes (Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines University, France) is a Corbyn-supporting Israel basher.

Steve Tombs (Open University) is a UCU activist. He’s close to at least other UCU activists in this blog – David Whyte and Deepa Govindarajan Driver:

Tombs appears to know sweet FA about the Middle East but he chucks in the occasional barb about Israel to prove his UCU leftist virility:

The account ‘Brave New Europe’ think Tombs will appreciate Jonathan Cook’s toxic views, wonder why? (Jonathan Cook has a long history of ‘understanding’ terror against Israelis (see above in the paragraph on Gareth Dale)):

Sue Abbott (Newcastle University) is an HR specialist who has tapped into the Equality/Diversity boom – she teaches it. She’s a proud member of the Management Committee of Show Racism The Red Card.

BUT ……….. She’s a UCU activist – Formerly UCU Northern Region Equality Officer, currently on the UCU Committee of her University.  Moreover she’s in UCU Left. So what is it about the proud antiracists in UCU Left?  Which racism do they blithely ignore, even to the point of signing support for an antisemitic Professor? For which race is there no Equality/Diversity?

Yes! Right! Jews Don’t Count!

Susan Newman (Open University) has some history of UCU activism when she was at the University of West England.  In June 2019 she tweeted about this bizarre ‘research’ which suggests that Israel uses eugenics in fertility treatments to increase its Jewish population (I have Vertommen’s PhD but have not yet managed to blog about it).

Tahir Abbas (Leiden University, Netherlands) has tweeted that Labour’s problem with antisemitism is exaggerated and he has reportedly written in support of protesters against sex education in Birmingham. Here’s an example of this academic’s measured analysis of the Middle East:

Tanzil Chowdhury (Queen Mary London) is an acute sufferer from Israel Derangement Syndrome. Google “Tanzil Chowdhury” + Israel and the first link that come up is this one – In 2014 he wrote this article whitewashing Hamas and claiming that Hamas does not use human shields. To ‘prove’ this he cites this Channel 4 Factcheck (note that the link has changed).   Just one problem: It says the opposite:

Actually Hamas has made no secret of advocating the use of civilians as human shields to try to face down Israeli aggression.  A senior spokesman for the group, Sami Abu Zuhri, gave an interview on Palestinian station al-Aqsa TV earlier this month.  He said: “This attests to the character of our noble, jihad-loving people – who defend their rights and their homes with their bare chests and their blood.  The policy of people confronting the Israeli warplanes with their bare chests in order to protect their homes has proven effective against the occupation… we in Hamas call upon our people to adopt this policy in order to protect the Palestinian homes.

The second item in the Google search is this (15 January 2015):

OK he may not have written the blurb but the fact that he spoke at  PSC meeting on the topic ‘Debunking Israel’s Lies’ confirms that he’s an A-Grade Israel Hater.

The third item in the Google search is Chowdhury’s M Phil thesis at Manchester. Entitled ‘Zionism, Law and Citizenship: Perils for the Palestinian Arab Minority’, it is 151 pages of elegant, beautifully constructed English prose. It would be a delight to read except …. Except that it is a sewer of antisemitism, replete with crucial omissions and errors of fact.

It is a sewer of antisemitism because the conclusion of the thesis is that the world’s only Jewish State should disappear. A clue as to this endpoint is the bibliography, featuring Ben White and Shlomo Sand.

Omissions and errors?

  • p26: Chowdhury says that the Balfour Declaration was ‘in direct contravention of the McMahon-Hussein Correspondence between 1915-1916’. Wrong. McMahon wrote to The Times in 1937 ‘to state, and I do so definitely and emphatically, that it was not intended by me in giving this pledge to King Hussein to include Palestine in the area in which Arab independence was promised.’
  • p29: Omits to say that UN Resolution 3379 (‘Zionism equals racism’, November 1975) was revoked in 1991 with UN General Assembly Resolution 46/86.
  • p31: The origin of the Zionist movement is explained by Jews being ‘unable to integrate because of de facto uniqueness’. This is slam dunk antisemitic. Chowdhury sourced it from Bajoit, G. ‘Zionism and Imperialism’ in ‘Zionism and Racism’. This is the proceedings of a conference held in 1977/1978, organised by the impressively titled ‘The International Organization for the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination’. Dig into this outfit and what do you find? This.
  • p33: Chowdhury writes ‘Recall that the Balfour Declaration made no reference to the Arabs’. What is this then: ‘….it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine ….’? Who does he think the ‘existing non-Jewish communities’ were? Amish?
  • p34: The name of Chaim Weitzmann is egregiously misspelled.
  • pps 46-47: Chowdhury suggests that the reason Israel does not have a written Constitution is in order to continue to deprive Israeli Arabs (whom he incorrectly calls ‘Arab Palestinians’) of human rights. This is defamatory nonsense. The Basic Law guarantees human rights for all citizens and in practice there is no difference between rights accorded to Jewish and non-Jewish citizens.
  • p77: Chowdhury says the ‘transfer’ is ‘an enduring theme in Zionist political thought’. Defamatory lie (was it sourced from Ben White’s  book?)  No Israeli President or Prime Minister has ever suggested forcibly transferring anyone anywhere.  Far from being ‘an enduring theme in Zionist political thought’, the concept of ‘transfer’ was introduced by the British, in the 1937 Peel Report, as a response to the growing intensity of the attacks by Arabs on Jews and consequent responses. Of course it was discussed in the 20th Zionist Congress which followed soon after the Peel Report, with the specific purpose of considering it.
  • p91: Chowdhury writes ‘One event that the provision omitted in consideration of this law (or perhaps it was considered but ignored) was the expulsion of over 750,000 Arabs following the 1948 war. For these, acquisition of citizenship by residence is going to be difficult if not unlikely; indeed very few returned or were able to return because of absentee laws which seized their property and transferred it over to the state.’ First it is a lie that over 750,000 Arabs were expelled. Most left at the behest of their leaders, in anticipation of the coming hostilities. Here’s Efraim Karsh in Commentary (May 2008): ‘By the time of Israel’s declaration of independence on May 14, the numbers of Arab refugees had more than trebled. Even then, none of the170,000-180,000 Arabs fleeing urban centers, and only a handful of the 130,000-160,000 villagers who left their homes, had been forced out by the Jews’. Now the ‘absentee laws’. The Absentee Property Law (1950) makes it clear that it applied only to long-term absentees. Moreover absentees that had left Israel were compensated financially. And decisions under the Law are subject to judicial review (as is the case with all administrative decision-making). For example, in an opinion of 1 February 2005, Attorney-General Menachem Mazuz held that the Ministerial Committee and the Israeli Cabinet had exceeded their powers under the Law.
  • p104: Chowdhury writes: ‘As the baton passed from the egregious failures of the Mandate to the incompetence of the UN, the Zionists were handed sovereignty of the land which embedded these virtues’. This shows a fundamental misunderstanding of the UN. The truth is that Israel was voted into existence by the UN General Assembly. Resolution 181 (to agree the partition plan) passed 33-13 with 10 abstentions. The Jews accepted it; the Arabs didn’t.
  • p140: Finally Chowdhury shows his true colours:

Delighted to report that far from being ‘a small disappearing dot on the horizon’, the world’s only Jewish State is flourishing:

Other links that come up:

– Chowdhury urged Labour not to expel Livingstone


– And this:

All in all a virulent case of Israel Derangement Syndrome. Maybe he should be in isolation from students for around 20 years. And maybe Manchester University might wish to look again at his M Phil thesis – which is more like PSC propaganda than an academic paper (disregarding the elegant English).

Tarek Younis (Middlesex University) is another Israel Derangement Syndrome sufferer. Maybe he could explain how returning Gaza to the Palestinian Authority in 2005, complete with greenhouses, constitutes ‘colonising and pillaging’?


Tariq Modood (Bristol University) sounded eminently reasonable in this discussion of the Miller case. At 1.09.30: “We do need to find a way of addressing the concerns of the students.” In his prepared speech (25.22) he notes the difficulties of striking the right balance in universities between ‘free speech’ and Equality and Diversity commitment.

However ‘commitment to multiculturalism’ means nothing for someone who denies that Miller’s rhetoric is antisemitic –in the video he saysI think the students have taken what Miller said wrongly” – and who seeks to define antisemitism for Jews:

And by the way this ‘eminently reasonable’ 68/9 year-old ain’t at all ‘reasonable’ when it comes to Israel, which he names as a perpetrator of ‘state terrorism’.  Like most here he suffers from Israel Derangement Syndrome. He’s a BDS-monger too.

Surprising then
then that UNESCO considered Modood suitable to address its “Global Forum Against Racism.”  But then again JEWS DON’T COUNT ……….

Teresa Degenhardt (Queen’s University Belfast) is yet another academic afflicted by Israel Derangement Syndrome. She’s OK speaking at CAGE, an organisation which allegedly has a longstanding Jihadist ideology. But she’s appalled that Israel should defend itself from terror and ashamed she bought Puma shoes …..

I’m sure she has completed one of these forms and keep it on her at all times ….

Terry Brotherstone (Emeritus, Aberdeen University) is a former President of UCU Scotland. He appears to have Marxist sympathies and he’s a BDS supporter.

Thomas MacManus (Queen Mary London) is a Corbyn fan who bought into the libellous conspiracy theory about Israeli police training US police 100%:

His job (Senior Lecturer in State Crime) obliges him to chuck as many countries as possible into the sinbin so what’s to lose by including Israel? Only the Jews will protest and they don’t count. Let’s chuck ‘em in with Saudi Arabia while we’re at it …

He’s a fan of Ben White who understands why people are antisemitic ….

And he defended former NUS president Malia Bouattia who described the University of Birmingham as a “Zionist outpost”.

A tragic case of Israel Derangement Syndrome ………..

Tim Hayward (Edinburgh University) has already appeared hereas a member of the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media (WGSPM). To recap, WGSPM spread the lie that the White Helmets fabricated video evidence of attacks by Assad. Hayward has a penchant for spreading lies and smears. How do I know? Because he spread this libel about me:

The truth about the Puma trial is here. Two fighters against antisemitism were fitted up by lies from a Holocaust Denier and her cronies combined with a policeman with an ideology and a judge for whom ‘antisemitism’ is a foreign word. Hayward smears fighters against antisemitism but bends over backwards to defend Assange whose disclosures put dissidents in Afghanistan and Iraq at risk of serious harm, torture or even death. What a charmer.

It’s not only Assad  that Hayward seeks to defend – it’s also Putin.

Of course Hayward is a Corbyn supporter:

Plus look who he retweets: Craig Murray, Justin Schlosberg, Richard Burgon, Zara Sultana, Jonathan Cook – it speaks volumes about his views.

Of course he suffers from Israel Derangement Syndrome, probably incurably. He even uses Holocaust Memorial Day as a chance to smear Israel and its supporters. It is ludicrous – indeed libellous – to call Bnai Brith ‘extreme’(as this Electronic Intifada article does, retweeted by Hayward).  The February 2019 UNHCR Report to which the Electronic Intifada piece demonises Israel – as is normal from the bigoted UNHCR.

Israel knew it would be a whitewash – so refused to cooperate.

Bnai Brith called a ‘hate group’!

The truth about the attempts to breach the Gaza fence is here (PDF).

Hayward is Miller’s biggest fan. Look how he sickeningly backed Miller’s support of Raed Salah who invoked the antisemitic blood libel, that Jews use the blood of Christian children to bake Matzoth (unleavened bread) at Passover.

Hayward applaud’s Miller’s defence of blood-libel cleric

And according to Hayward, the revulsion at Miller’s comments – including that by joining a university Jewish Society, students are thereby associating themselves with racism and Islamophobia – is deviously intended to suppress criticism of Israel. What a despicable man  -who should not be within 1000 miles of students.

And here is Hayward backing Miller through Winstanley, Williamson and Miko Peled – the ‘deflated, lying buffoon’. In the video of Peled that Williamson tweeted, Peled says ‘What Miller said was true’. Including that Jewish students are part of an Israel lobby group that makes Arab and Muslim students unsafe…..

Here’s Hayward backing Greenstein who recently spent a week in prison charged with conspiracy to cause criminal damage.

Hayward endorses Miller’s defamatory comment thatIsrael’s lobby is busily stealing the language of Black liberation to justify ethnic cleansing, racism and apartheid.’

Hayward can’t resist buying into a lie that matches his prejudices, can he ….

Now the truth: Sweden’s ‘laissez-faire’ Covid policy hasn’t worked. New cases per million has been higher than the UK equivalent since 6 February – a full two weeks before Hayward’s tweet. Deaths per million switched on 17 March. GDP in 2020 fell by 2.8% – hardly a ‘minimal decline’!

The King of Sweden said that his country’s Covid approach ‘has failed’. But Hayward knows better. He saw a chance to put the boot into the UK government.

Thank G-d we didn’t elect Corbyn on 12 December 2019. People like Hayward would have been appointed as government advisers………..

Tom Hickey (Emeritus, Brighton University) is a former member of UCU National Executive and current Chair of its Recruitment, Organising and Campaigning Committee. He has probably submitted more anti-Israel resolutions to UCU Congresses than anyone else. He appears in the same anti-IHRA video (4:14) as his Brighton University colleague Mark Abel (see above). He thinks that:

  • A lecturer recounting the 2007 Al Jazeera ‘sting’ would be labelled as antisemitic (for alleging ‘dual loyalty’) – nonsense, one can communicate the story without alleging dual loyalty;
  • The IHRA logic means it would be racist to deny Cornish people the right to self-determination – nonsense, Cornish people are not a race and this fails to appreciate 5,000 years of antisemitism;
  • A lecturer who wanted to refer to the right of self-determination of Palestinians would be accused of antisemitism because that would conflict with self-determination of Jews – nonsense, there is nothing in IHRA that is anti-Palestinian.

Hickey’s exposition is anyway shot through with Israel Derangement Syndrome. He calls Israel a ‘settler-colonialist polity‘ and an ‘apartheid State’; he says that 20% of the citizens of Israel who are Palestinian (no, Arab!) are excluded from the idea of ‘the People’, since Israel is a ‘State of the Jewish People’ and the history of constitutional law in Israel has been about excluding Palestinians from the constituent power of the People, despite their formal citizenship and their formal civil and political rights. He questions whether Israel is ‘a democratic State’. He suggests that under IHRA lecturers who ‘tell the truth’ [his truth] about Israel will be labelled ‘racist’.

Hickey’s Israel Derangement Syndrome goes back at least 14 years. In 2009 he chaired the meeting at SOAS where I was abused for asking why UCU was hosting Bongani Matsuku – he told the panel not to answer my question – so much for ‘free speech’. He called for the abolition of Sussex University’s Yossi Harel Chair in Modern Israel Studies until questions relating to its “external sources of funding” and the process that established it are “satisfactorily answered.”  He also attacked Israel Studies courses at SOAS, Leeds University, Manchester University and Oxford University. Brighton University refused to act.

Here is Hickey in 2009 saying that Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians is “in some sense .. almost nastier” than what the Nazis did to the Jews. Maybe he should spend some of his retirement in Gaza restoring the balance – if Israel will let him in, which must be doubtful.

Tom Mills (Aston University) is Miller’s longstanding sidekick. Ten years ago when Miller was at Strathclyde and set up ‘Spinwatch’, Mills was a doctoral candidate there and co-authoredThe Cold War on British Muslims’ with Miller. As David Collier notes, ‘behind David Miller is a whole history of ‘Zionist lobby’ obsessions. As far back as eleven years ago, there was already a website dedicated in part to pointing out the antisemitism that circled his work.’ Mills was the Miller sidekick who went along with that obsession, even though he may not have shared it. He stands or falls with Miller. Here’s an example of his early work. He calls Israel a ‘violent rogue state’ and refers to the casualties on the Mavi Marmara as ‘activists’. The truth is that nearly all of them were members of Turkish Islamist organisations, most of them radical and anti-Western. Fully half of those killed had declared their wish to die as martyrs. Mills’ demonisation of Israel (‘…..seeking to deflect criticism of Israel’s illegal occupation and repeated human rights abuses’) is presumably precisely the reason why Jose Maria Aznar (with Nobel Peace Prize Winner Lord David Trimble) set up the Friends of Israel Initiative.

Mills followed Miller to Bath University, transferring his doctoral research to Bath. His PhD supervisor at Bath was one …. David Miller. His PhD is here. It’s not very original – it revisits themes in an earlier book by the Glasgow media group, see below.  It describes (and laments) the shift in coverage of the BBC away from worker and trade union coverage and towards corporate and financial market news. Mills sees this as (i) a shift to the right (ii) a shift to the preoccupations of the ‘elite’ since the rest of society isn’t interested in corporate and financial news. But that’s a very biased and unconsidered view:

  • One, the two are not necessarily connected;
  • Two, the 1970s was (as Mills notes) a decade of constant industrial strife, most notably the miners’ strikes in 1972 and 1974, the Three-Day Week in 1974 and the ‘Winter of Discontent’ in 1978-9. In the Thatcher years and after, there has been minimal industrial unrest by comparison, thanks to changes in the law and in the UK’s economic structure: Since 1979 trade union membership has more than halved;
  • Three, it is easy to make the argument that ‘business’ (ie practical economics) was wrongly neglected by the BBC for decades before the 1980s.
  • Four, in support of his opposition to the BBC’s shift in coverage, Mills cites the small proportion of the population which owns equities directly and the uneven distribution of ownership between different income categories.  But despite (p192) noting Robert Peston’s comment about the increasing importance of indirect share ownership though pension funds, Mills proceeds to ignore it in his discussion of the importance of equity ownership. The demise of Defined Benefit pensions – replaced by Defined Contribution pensions – means that the majority of the workforce bears the investment risk in their pension fund themselves and has a choice in the asset class in which their pension is invested – so they would be foolish not to take an interest in ‘business’.  

There’s a lot more wrong with the PhD (which became a book which Morning Star calledAn absolutely essential read for anyone interested in British politics’).

Describing Quantitative Easing (p2), Mills writes that ‘the Bank of England approved a total of £375 billion of public money to be poured into the financial system.’ He doesn’t understand Quantitative Easing (QE). QE is simply the Bank of England buying UK government debt, replacing it with deposits at the Bank of England. There is no loss to the taxpayer (only if money market rate rise is there a loss, equivalent to the deposit rate less the nominal interest rate on the debt). The Naomi Klein quote he includes (p2) displays similar financial illiteracy:

Most of the government assistance provide to the banking system after the 2008 Lehmann Brothers demise was in the form of contingent lending – which never has to be drawn upon, such was the boost to confidence after the measures were announced.

Several times Mills quotes approvingly Greg Philo and the Glasgow Media Group; eg on p78:

Glasgow University Media Group, Bad News (Routledge and K. Paul, 1976).

While it is beyond the scope of this blog to critique ‘Bad News’, I am aware of another Philo/Glasgow University ‘Bad News’ publication: ‘More Bad News for Israel’.  Richard Millett and I attended a meeting at Amnesty in May 2011 where Philo spoke about ‘More Bad News for Israel’, a sequel to ‘Bad News for Israel’ (2004). It seemed to us that the book’s claim of media bias in favour of Israel simply reflected Philo’s extreme pro-Palestinian view of history.

Here is what Mike Brennan (then at Warwick University, now at Liverpool Hope University ) had to say in his review of the 2004 book (PDF):

Ultimately this is a rather tendentious and agenda-driven book in which the researchers set out to prove their own politically-inflected views. Its claims are based upon data generated by the selective use of historical material and flawed research methods. The net effect of the book will be to reinforce perceptions of Israel as monolithic, and will give succour to those who claim that the western media are controlled by ‘Zionists.’

Source: http://www.dissentmagazine.org/democratiya/article_pdfs/d3Brennan-2.pdf

Equally damning is the Economist review which describes Bad News from Israel as a ‘dismal production,’ claiming ‘massive quantification counts for nothing if theresearch method is flawed.’

(You can find Glasgow Media Group’s responses to these two critical reviews here).

An elementary error in Mills’ PhD is that he calls the multinational company ICI ISI!! (p110)

Mills’ prejudice against business is astonishing.  What kind of academic regards (p155) the ONS’s calendar of release dates of economic statistics as ‘well-suited to the post-ideological elite consensus of the 1990s’? :

You can see Mills here (44.02) talking about the IHRA definition. He talks for ten minutes but don’t bother watching, because all that he says can be condensed into three words: ‘Free Speech Matters’. No Shit Sherlock …!!

Mills doesn’t write a lot about Israel – he’s not terribly interested – but what he does write is venal (as well as (like his PhD) unoriginal, it echoes the lies of the hard Left).  He suggests that the ‘Friends of Israel’ organisation ‘is the latest of a number of well connected advocacy groups in the UK seeking to deflect criticism of Israel’s illegal occupation and repeated human rights abuses.’ Now the truth:

  • Israel’s control of Judea and Samaria is not ‘illegal’: It results from a failed attack on Israel in 1967. Land won in War can be kept. No Court has ever seemed it ‘illegal’ and Israel offered it back in exchange for a peace commitment – which was refused.
  • here are no ‘repeated human rights abuses’.
  • The organisation was set up in 2010 precisely to counter such ignorant malicious attacks as this: ‘This Initiative arises out of a sense of deep concern about the unprecedented campaign of deligitimation against Israel waged by the enemies of the Jewish State and, perversely, supported by numerous international institutions.’ The leaders of the initiative are not Jewish!

Tom O’Connor (Munster Technological University) is yet another production-line Irish Israel-hating academic:

And he loves Corbyn:

Victoria Canning (University of Bristol) is big on women’s rights and asylum seekers’ rights. But Jews’ rights? Do they count?

Seems not …..

She fails to see that Judaism and Israel are two sides of the same coin:

Here is some reading for you Vicky.

Victoria Turner (Centre for the Study of World Christianity, University of Edinburgh) is a PhD candidate. She did her first degree at Bristol. She’s an ecumenical Christian.  

Turner flaunts her Interfaith credentials but it seems there’s one faith that Doesn’t Count ….

She’s a member of the United Reformed Church, one of the sponsors of EAPPI, the ‘World Council of Churches’ Training Camp for anti-Israel Advocacy’. And she’s a Corbyn supporter.

The video that she posted on election eve (11 December 2019) contained a false fact: “A record number of children from working families are living in poverty.” I found data for children from all families (ie including workless families) which show a trend fall in the numbers. The fall is so strong that it is not possible that for just working families, the line would rise.

William Dinan (University of Stirling) is a co-founder (with Miller) and Director of Spinwatch.

Xanthe Whittaker (University of Leeds) says “I have a long-term commitment to working with students to create learning environments that are inclusive, enable participation and that recognise the role learning plays, not just in the development of skills and employability, but in the wider context of democratic participation in civil society and in social change.”

Now the truth: “I have a long-term commitment to working with non-Jewish students to create  ………… “

Whittaker is a hard Left UCU activist who retweets Ash Sarkar, described by The Times as Britain’s loudest Corbynista. She opposes the counter-extremism PREVENT programme.

I’m sure there’s lots more to say about these antisemitism enablers – watch this space!

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Comparing the names in the draft letter (before they were suppressed) and the ones in the final reveals that 12 names didn’t make it. For Dr Steven Hobbs, Mr Norman Ritchie-Wood (a Corbyn supporter), Mr Ian McMeeken, Mr David Gernon, Ms S Sheriff, Dr Fiaz Ahmed, Mr Mohammad Sirwan Barzanji, Ms Ghizela Rowe and Miss Ann Thomas the explanation may be that they were not considered worthy of the accolade of ‘public intellectuals, educators and researchers’. Or maybe not.

Kate Linnegar is a former Labour Parliamentary candidate with history.

Greg Barns SC is a barrister in Australia. One can see why he might be drawn to support Miller. One wonders why he didn’t make the cut? #UPDATE His name was restored sometime between 17th and 27th March.

Fabio Corvaglia appears to be this person here.  Note that he spent five years in Beirut.

As of late 2 March, the total of names has increased to 292. However one name has gone: Dr Graham Harrison (Durham University).

Rob Ferguson’s name is one of the additions. He is described as an ‘independent researcher’. See here how he lies about Israel to students.

8 March: Judith Butler’s signature has disappeared


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