Countering the PSC’s lies in Hackney

On 4 September we we were in Hackney to counter the lies of the PSC, see here:

Here I am telling the truth about Israel. You will see Heather Mendick (in a red top) racing around to propagate the lies – the PSC’s Duracell Bunny. More on her later.

Here you can see a chap who introduced himself as ‘Menj’ (or a similar sounding name, maybe he or someone can correct my phonetic spelling). Menj accused me (falsely) of wanting only security for ‘Israelis’  (by which he meant Israeli Jews, not Israeli Arabs).  An obvious nonsense because the IDF protects all Israelis including the 20% not Jewish. His evidence was that I was “holding the Jewish flag” (!).  He told me “You’re here because you’re Jewish” (I had not divulged my religion of course).  “You’re here to tell them [the Palestinians] that they should stay oppressed” (Nonsense of course – Menj would appear to have a PhD in Misrepresentation). As for the facts in our flier …. “I don’t care about little soundbites” he said. Dialogue with such people is hopeless.

More of Menj: You’re saying they don’t have the right to protest!” (Obvious lie and misrepresentation).

Finally the Duracell Bunny. Reasonably I thought that everyone who took the PSC’s lies should also be offered the truth.  She (of course) wasn’t keen on that idea – so whined to the cops … It’s what they do ….

In Lance Corporal Jones’ immortal words ………..


Wishing Shana Tova to all my Jewish followers …………

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Postscript: In December 2022 Mendick was expelled from Labour