Ben and Jerry’s Israel Boycott: Protesting Outside Unilever’s Head Office in London

Today we protested outside Unilever’s Head Office in London – Unilever owns Ben and Jerry’s which is boycotting Judea and Samaria.

Unilever staff entering and exiting the building – as well as passers-by – took 150 fliers from us and we responded to many questions:

We handed in the following letter to the CEO of Unilever, Alan Jope:

11 August 2021

Dear Mr Jope

We are protesting outside Unilever HQ today about the boycott of Judea and Samaria by Ben and Jerry’s. The boycott is completely misguided. It is fuelling antisemitism and is itself antisemitic – Ben and Jerry’s are not boycotting other disputed areas eg Northern Cyprus or Taiwan.

The boycott is clearly driven by Anadhura Mittal who heads  Ben and Jerry’s Board of Directors. Mittal is also the Founder and Executive Director of the Oakland Institute. Via Oakland, Ben and Jerry’s has donated to Badil, a pro-Palestinian organisation which has defended terror against Israel and which has a history of vile Jew-hatred that includes publishing Nazi-era cartoons.

We are boycotting Ben and Jerry’s and Unilever and encouraging others to do the same. We demand that Ben and Jerry’s drop its boycott and that Mittal is removed from her position.  If it persists with the boycott we demand that Unilever puts Ben and Jerry’s up for sale.  If no buyer comes forward we demand that Unilever closes Ben and Jerry’s. Sincerely
Dayenu Organisation

It is more than three weeks since Ben and Jerry’s announced the boycott and all we have had from Unilever is an anodyne statement opposing BDS. With more than 30 US States beginning to invoke anti-Boycott laws, surely Unilever cannot continue to sit on the fence!

Please consider donating through my Patreon page. Every penny will go toward Israel advocacy and fighting antisemitism. Or by Paypal. 250 fliers and 5 signs for the two Ben and Jerry’s demo’s cost nearly £100. With your help we can continue to be proactive for Israel. Many thanks to all who have donated.