Sir Alan Duncan’s Premeditated LBC Snark at Israel

I’ve covered a previous LBC tête-à-tête between presenter Iain Dale and IDS-afflicted ex-Conservative Minister Sir Alan Duncan (IDS: Israel Derangement Syndrome).  (Dale saw fit to block me on Twitter after I criticised him).

On last night’s show Duncan was a member of a panel invited by Dale to discuss Ukraine. Other members were Admiral Lord West, Jude Kelly and Corbynista Grace Blakeley, proud owner of the most wasted Oxford PPE degree in history. At 1 hour 38m 40s ‘David in Enfield’ asks about the Panel’s view of the UK government issuing ‘golden visas’ to Russian citizens – some of whom are funding UK MPs – despite the deaths of British citizens in the Russian attack of the Crimea, the Salisbury poisonings and the Skripal murder.

At 1:43:56 you can hear Duncan’s response. He twists the question in order to bash Israel with a blatantly premeditated strike: 

Our own credibility only holds together if we are consistent. Do we turn a blind eye to the fact that Abramovich is reported to have given £100m to settler causes in Israel which is an illegal breach of the rules-based international order?

It was $100m not £100m. But when it comes to bashing Israel, Duncan couldn’t give a toss about detail!

Dale adds the word “allegedly”. Duncan reminds him that he said “reportedly”. Then he says

A lot of American money undoubtedly does go into a similar such cause. The annexation of the West Bank … is a long simmering such example.

Look what Duncan did. He drew a parallel between Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria.

Far from remonstrating at the antisemitic offensiveness of this comparison, the oleaginous Dale quips obnoxiously

You do realise you’re going to set Twitter off by saying that?

For the record, there is NO point of comparison between Israel’s policy in Judea and Samaria and Putin’s invasion of Ukraine: Judea and Samaria were taken as a  result of successful defence against aggression  in 1967. They were quickly offered back at Khartoum and have been substantially offered back four times, in exchange for a peace commitment. Nothing remotely like Ukraine, a sovereign nation that has been illegally invaded.

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