The Honorand Invited to Deliver the *Highly Prestigious* SOAS Centre for Palestine Studies’ Annual Lecture

SOAS – the School of Oriental and African Studies – is the most institutionally antisemitic of all UK Universities. It has featured in many of my blogs. The vast majority of Jewish students won’t go there.  One Jewish student won £15000 compensation as a result of being forced to quit SOAS because of the atmosphere of Jew hate.

The previous Director, Baroness Amos, was useless at dealing with SOAS’ antisemitism problem. She was rewarded by being appointed as Master of an Oxford College. There were high hopes for her replacement, Adam Habib. But no sooner had he started than the SOAS Revanchists nobbled him.

SOAS has a ‘Centre for Palestine Studies’. It holds an ‘Annual Lecture’. The World’s Most Eminent Israel-Hating Academics queue up to be invited to be honoured with an invitation to deliver this Highly Prestigious Lecture.  The Prize goes to the one who has the most examples of IDS on her/his CV (IDS = Israel Derangement Syndrome). Thus 2 years ago it was Haneen Zoabi. Zoabi is a former Arab Party member of the Knesset who wants to rid Israel of all Jews.

The Lecture is always held on a Friday evening, out of consideration for Jewish scholars – so thoughtful!

This year’s honorand is Professor Nadia Abu El –Haj. The same academic who wrote a book ‘denying that the ancient Jewish or Israelite kingdoms existed’. 

The same academic who in 2015, led a BDS campaign at the American Anthropological Association (AAA) to pass a resolution that would boycott Israeli academic institutions.

The same academic who condones looting of Jewish antiquities….

Congratulations Dina Matar on a great choice!


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Update 1: SOAS has emailed: Regrettably our speaker is no longer able to join us on campus, so this event will now be taking place online.

Are they frit??

Update 2: Unbelievably abut 5 minutes into this Lecture SOAS locked me out.

Just what are they afraid of?

Update 3: Here’s the recording. Boring lecture, I didn’t miss much. Her thesis: Even ‘liberal Zionists’ ignore the ‘Naqba. (Maybe that’s because (see Karsh) of the 600,000 Arabs who left their homes; only a fraction were driven out by Jews/Israelis and twice as many by Arabs. The vast majority simply fled in fear, disorientation, and lack of national cohesion).