SOAS Ignores Recommendation for Antisemitism Investigation

In March 2020 a Jewish student at the School of Oriental and African Studies at London University (SOAS) was awarded £15,000 compensation for the toxic antisemitism he had suffered.

The Appeal Panel that considered his complaint was chaired by Dr David Hirsh of Goldsmiths. It recommended that there should be an independent investigation into ‘whether there was a toxic, antisemitic environment and institutional antisemitism at the School and/or its student union’.  The Panel stated that there was a prima facie case which warrants a full investigation.

In researching the blog I published yesterday I searched for the report of the ‘independent investigation’.

I couldn’t find it.


Because SOAS ignored the recommendation!

Why do you think that might be?


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Addendum 1: Last August Dr Hirsh wrote to SOAS:

The panel I chaired made clear and unanimous determinations which have so far been completely ignored. This is further prima facie evidence that there is a problem of institutional antisemitism at Soas. It is clear enough by now that Soas does not take the claim that it has a problem with institutional antisemitism seriously enough to do anything about it. Good practice requires that an institution is not well placed to make that kind of determination about its own culture, but that is what Soas has done.

Indeed …..

Addendum 2: Look at SOAS’s barefaced lie….

…… where we have established an independent panel as part of a complaints process, we would of course consider the findings of such a panel thoroughly and take appropriate action.

Addendum 3: Instead of carrying out an ‘independent investigation’, the SOAS authorities published a “Charter on Racism, Antisemitism and All Forms of Cultural, Ethnic and Religious Chauvinism”. (Of course SOAS has not adopted IHRA). Just as Corbyn uses the phrase “antisemitism and all forms of racism” in order to downplay the importance of antisemitism, the SOAS statement does too, eg this:

We therefore welcome the renewed attention to discriminatory practices and the multiple separate calls to take a stand against racism, antisemitism, religious and cultural intolerance, xenophobia and the like.

And look at this:

Religious fundamentalists may equate religion and state, and demand not only acquiescence from all those within their nations who oppose their agendas but also silence others including scholars and journalists who subject their actions and words to critical reflection and scrutiny.

It is clearly aimed at supporters of Israel. It’s the ‘Livingstone Formulation’ – that is, the lie (beloved by antisemites) that supporters of Israel try to suppres all criticism of Israel by labelling it ‘antisemitic’.

Read David Hirsh’s critique of this shoddy piece of wokery here.