Iranian McCarthyite Stool Pigeons Try to Shit on David Hirsh …………..

Hirsh untouched by Iranian stool pigeons’ shit

Chris Williamson is a former Labour MP who was expelled. He recently voiced support for applying the death penalty to anyone in the UK with contact with Israel or an Israeli, including on social media (as recently voted by the Parliament of Iraq). That would include me and tens of thousands of others.

Press TV is the mouthpiece of Iran. It lost its licence to broadcast in the UK and is banned from Youtube. Williamson fronts an Israel hate series on the channel – called ‘Palestine Declassified’. His sidekick is David Miller, the former Bristol academic dismissed for antisemitism.

In a recent edition of this garbage Miller actually said

There’s a Zionist Stranglehold over the top of the music industry

The latest programme attacks David Hirsh. My Jewdar hit Nazi and Stalinist levels – it is truly repulsive ……..

First, look at the blurb

He regards himself as being part of the democratic left tradition though he says he has no objection to being recognised as a Jew or as a Zionist

Me neither. I’m proud of both. Why shouldn’t I be? Why shouldn’t HE be? In what way does being Jewish and Zionist violate the ‘democratic left tradition’?

It has been claimed that Zionist lobby groups – the Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council – funneled £50,000 to Engage, which challenge the idea it was a grassroots campaign

Shock horror … Jewish communal organisations fund organisations fighting antisemitism .…. And Bears Shit In The Woods ….

Palestine Declassified has searched the publications of David Hirsh over the last two decades and found no conflict of interest disclosures by him referencing any money, expenses or hospitality received from the Zionist movement or directly from the regime.

Where is the ‘conflict of interest’? Why is it a ‘conflict of interest’ for a University Lecturer to fight antisemitism? And to be Jewish and Zionist? Would it be a ‘conflict of interest’ for a Muslim University Lecturer to fight Islamophobia?

Now the actual vomit-inducing programme:

The Jewish National Fund is described as ‘racist’. A lie, it supports all communities in Israel.

At 14.30 David Hirsh is called a ‘McCarthyite stool pigeon’. This phrase is straight out of the Stalinist lexicon – which speaks volumes about Williamson and Miller. In fact coming from those guys it’s a Badge Of Honour. I’m jealous.

And he’s described (14.45) as an ‘alleged academic’!! Yeah right. I guess the ‘genuine academics’ are the deranged UCU idiots who signed support for Miller.

And David Hirsh is ‘doing his best to denigrate calls for decolonisation by student groups’. This is in response to this tweet:

Let’s try to explain – in simple words for our stool pigeon friends ……….. The antisemitic Left regards Israel as a ‘colony’. This is demented because Israel was created thanks to the COLLAPSE OF A COLONY – the Ottoman Empire. In addition Israel has none of the characteristics of a colony – eg a language like French, Spanish or English that is widely spoken or a former Imperial Capital such as London, Paris, Vienna or Istanbul.

But if you are a student or an academic who wants to ‘decolonise’ the curriculum and you (wrongly) think Israel is a ‘settler colonial state’ then it’s not rocket science to see how you can slip into antisemitism – especially (IHRA definition) ‘claiming that the existence of a State of Israel is a racist endeavor’.

David Hirsh is referred to as an “Israeli asset” suggesting he is some kind of paid puppet of the Israeli government. (Pretty ironic coming from stooges of Iran – oh sorry I am not supposed to understand irony …)

At 16.46 the UK’s counter-extremist Prevent Programme is falsely and libellously described as ‘targetting Muslim children’. Later (21.30) Williamson describes Prevent as ‘Islamophobic’ (at 22.00 Miller agrees).   Horrifically a student of Hirsh went to PressTV to try to smear him .. Hirsh brought Prevent coordinator William Baldet MBE into one of his classes.   Ludicrously Miller says that this presented a threat to Muslim students….


As for ‘McCarthyite stool pigeons’.………. Who do you think fits the bill …..

1. An eminent Jewish academic who has never shied from criticising Israel?


2. Proven antisemites in the pay of a regime which is committed to the destruction of the world’s only Jewsh State?



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