BBC Broadcasts Blood Libel about Israel produced by Batchelor-Hunt

Nadine Batchelor-Hunt (who blocks me on Twitter) supported Corbyn’s Labour Party going into the 2019 election.

Last month BBC World Service broadcast a sound programme made by Batchelor-Hunt in Israel, about the Ethiopian-Israeli community.  Predictably much of it consists of unfounded allegations about Ashkenazi prejudice against the immigrants and their descendants. There is one particularly shameful context-free allegation. At 4:20 she says

At one point the government were even secretly throwing away blood donated by Ethiopian Israelis

The truth is here. In common with many other countries including the UK, the Health Ministry in Israel prohibited the use of blood from people who were born or lived for more than a year in HIV-prevalent regions. These included sub-Saharan Africa (except South Africa), Southeast Asia and the Caribbean. The prohibition was lifted in 2016, more than five years ago.

Batchelor-Hunt tells us none of this context, apparently preferring the innuendo that the practise was racist against Jews of colour.

Of course the BBC lapped it up – the BBC that is still disgustingly protecting an Editor who slandered the young Jewish Israelis celebrating Chanukah on a bus in Oxford Street.

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Postscript: Here is CAMERA UK’s piece (which I hadn’t seen when I wrote the blog)