A Nazi-style Meeting in Parliament

Tomorrow (5 December) at 6.30 in the UK’s Parliament (Room 12) Tommy Sheppard MP is hosting this meeting.

‘Free Speech On Israel’ is a tiny group of outlier Jews who support Jeremy Corbyn. Some are suspended from Labour – or in one case both suspended and called a ‘notorious antisemite’ by the Campaign Against Antisemitism.   The purpose of the meeting is to belittle the problem of antisemitism and to denigrate those who fight or complain about antisemitism.

Last week Sheppard hosted a meeting of the Muslim Brotherhood-supporting ‘EuropalForum’ in Parliament.  When the meeting was switched to a smaller room, several Jews were told they could no longer attend.  When they nevertheless came to the meeting, they were locked out.

Tomorrow’s meeting is redolent of Nazi meetings.  A group of “good” Jews has a tame MP to host them free-of-charge in Parliament, a meeting to denigrate “bad” Jews who complain about antisemitism. Moreover the “bad” Jews will be locked out, or if they do get in and protest even silently, will be thrown out.

Parliament is a public building financed by the taxpayer. This racist meeting has no place there.  A meeting to denigrate Muslims who complain about Islamophobia would never be held there. Nor would a meeting to denigrate blacks who complain about racism. So why is this meeting permitted?

Complaints have gone to the Speaker, the Board of Deputies and the All Party Parliamentary Group on Antisemitism.  How can they be indifferent to what is happening under their noses?

‘Free Speech on Israel’ are free to hold this meeting; they can hire a room at commercial rates.

But it has no place in Parliament.


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