Turning a Blind Eye to Antisemitism

Communication professionals who work with deaf and deafblind people are registered with and regulated by the NRCPD (the National Registers of Communication Professionals Working with Deaf and Deafblind People).  Their Code of Conduct is here. It is similar to many such Codes: discrimination is outlawed and ‘You must make sure your behaviour justifies public trust and confidence in you and your profession’.

Tariq Mahmood in Birmingham is registered with the NRCPD.  He has deleted his Twitter account (@T_Tkwondo) after being called out by @_SamiSaviv.

But here are some of Mahmood’s Tweets………………..



Certainly Jewish people could not be confident that they would be fairly treated by Mahmood.  One would hope that those of other faiths and none would feel the same (Mahmood appears to specialise in working with deaf Muslims).

You’d think that Mahmood has violated the NRCPD’s Code of Conduct wouldn’t you?  Again ….. It bars discrimination and enjoins registrants to ‘make sure your behaviour justifies public trust and confidence in you and your profession’.

But that’s not how they see it. The Code of Conduct begins ‘The Code of Conduct says how you should act when you are practising’ …… when you are practising – so registrants are free to discriminate outside of work and this is not viewed as having any bearing on the degree of trust that the public might place in them!

To be fair, the NRCPD is reviewing its Code of Conduct and  is discussing implementing a Social Media Policy (it is not the only body to make the artificial separation between work and non-work activities: Parliament does too, explaining how Jenny Tonge gets away with it).

But in the meantime members of the deaf and deafblind community might want to decide whether they would be happy using the services of Tariq Mahmood …………..