Lords debate Middle East conflict

Yesterday there was an excellent debate in the Lords on Foreign Affairs and Defence, as part of the Queens Speech debate. Many Peers spoke about the conflict in the Middle East.

There were excellent speeches by Lord Polak and Baroness Deech. Both spoke about the need for the UK to pull out of the UN’s Durban 4 meeting.

Lord Walney’s speech was also excellent (he’s John Woodcock, the former Labour MP):

I also express my real discomfort at the way that many are choosing to discuss the Israel/Hamas conflict that is continuing to unfold. Much of the commentary from people in positions of influence and responsibility, including disproportionately from members of my former party, implies an equal legitimacy between the armed forces of the democratic state of Israel and the Islamist terror organisation that is dedicated to murdering Jews and wiping Israel off the map. Hamas deliberately embeds its forces in the densest civilian areas in Gaza and its rockets are targeted to maximise civilian casualties. Both of these are clear war crimes. Commentators imply that Israel is less legitimate because it has—thank God—developed the means to defend itself from many, though sadly not all, of the rockets raining down on its cities. We then hear some of the same voices having the hutzpah to express shock at the sickening anti-Semitic violence and harassment unleashed on British streets—anti-Semitism which they themselves have fanned. We all have a responsibility here, and I am afraid to say that Labour is, unfortunately, showing that it still has a long way to go to get its house in order after the rampant anti-Jewish racism of the Corbyn years.

On the other side were hostile speeches from Lord Sheikh, Lord Alderdice, Baroness Warsi and Lord Husain.

Ridiculously Warsi urged their Lordships “to watch the Bafta-winning film “The Present” by Farah Nablusi, which in 20 minutes of heart-breaking storytelling lays bare the daily aggression of occupation and checkpoints”.

Come off it Sayeeda, it’s pure Pallywood!

Here’s Lord Hussain:

Most were injured at the al-Aqsa mosque, where Israeli police fired rubber bullets and stun grenades at peaceful worshippers.

A bareface lie. The police were in the mosque only to arrest criminals.


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