Kevin Myers: Wrongly Accused of Antisemitism – Update

My regular readers will remember that in August 2017 I defended the Irish columnist Kevin Myers against absurd and libellous accusations of antisemitism led by Gideon Falter of the CAA (and here) and IRA supporter Roy Greenslade.

Kevin is still owed an apology from Mr Falter, the CST and others who wrongly accused him of antisemitism. The false accusations have had catastrophic consequences for his career and reputation.

In February I published Kevin’s account of the episode.

As further evidence that Kevin was disgustingly maligned, please see his two recent excellent blogs about the current conflict, here and here.


It is politically insane and morally wrong to be indoctrinating young Palestinians in the belief that one day they will reclaim a “home” that neither they nor their parents or even their grandparents have ever seen. And it is perfectly wicked that these “promises” are made in PLO-published and EU/Irish Government-sponsored textbooks whose anti-Semitic rhetoric could easily have graced the pages of Der Sturmer.

Independent-minded people looking at the many one-sided anti-Israel demonstrations over the Gaza disaster must now conclude that the explanation for them is a widespread and deeply held anti-Semitism. The laws on legitimate military action are very simple. It is a violation of the Geneva convention to use occupied civilian buildings such as schools and hospitals as cover for military operations. It is another violation of the Geneva convention to fire munitions indiscriminately into civilian areas. Hamas has systematically done both. Any protests about these violations of international law in the Dail and elsewhere would have indicated some balance in the anger over the tragic loss of life in Israel and Gaza.

I am also happy to highly recommend Kevin’s autobiographical book. It is fascinating about Ireland and his career as a journalist including in Israel and Lebanon.


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