‘But Israel, Comrades!’ – How Labour Fuels Antisemitism

24 of Labour’s extreme Left in Parliament have signed a statement full of LIES about Israel thus further fuelling the appalling antisemitism seen this weekend and last week.

They lie about Israel’s presence in Judea/Samaria being ‘illegal’

They lie that Israel still has a presence (“occupies“) in Gaza and that it is ‘under siege‘.

They lie about Sheikh Jarrah and Al Aqsa

They demand an embargo on arms sales and a boycott of goods from Judea/Samaria

They support the sham ICC Inquiry and demand immediate recognition of a Palestinian State.

The fact that Chakrabarti signed it proves what we all knew – that she was competely unfit to chair Labour’s 2016 antisemitism inquiry.

More than half of them (13) have history as regards antisemitism. 19 failed to sign a letter of support for the beleagured Uighur Muslims in China because of course China is a beacon of human rights compared to Israel. 20 want Starmer to restore the Whip to Corbyn (21 including Corbyn). 12 signed the Israel Vaccine Libel EDM. Of the 20 MPs, 11 have a Muslim constituent ratio above the national average.

History of Antisemitism
Or Support for Antisemites
Or anti-Israel?
Failed to signed Uighur Letter?Called for Whip to be restored to Corbyn? Signed Vaccine Libel EDM?Muslim proportion in MP’s constituency (%)
Diane AbbottYYY11.2
Tahir AliYY43.5
Apsana BegumYYY33.6
Christine Blower (Lords)YYY
Pauline Bryan (Lords)YY
Richard Burgon YYYY10.6
Dawn ButlerY26.1
Ian ByrneY0.9
Shami Chakrabarti (Lords)Y
Jeremy CorbynYYY9.0
Mary Kelly FoyYY1.0
John Hendy (Lords)YY
Kim JohnsonY7.2
Ian LaveryYYY0.3
John McDonnellYYYY16.6
Ian MearnsYYY1.7
Grahame MorrisYYYY0.3
Kate OsborneYY1.4
Bell Ribeiro-AddyYYYY5.7
Zarah SultanaYYYY7.4
John TrickettYY4.1
Claudia Webbe IndYYYY15.2
Mick WhitleyYY1.0
Beth WinterYYYY1.0
Great Britain4.5

As such I doubt that Binyamin Netanyahu is going to lose any sleep over this letter. But British Jews might ……..


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Postscript: Sultana voiced the lies in her inflammatory speech to the protest outside the Israel Embassy on 15 May.