Israel Hating Fascist Mob Denies Human Rights of Jews

Yesterday (May 11 2021, 6pm) there was a huge anti-Israel demonstration in London, in Whitehall opposite Downing Street.  Some 2500 people were there (the organisers claim 8000) including unbelievably several children: What chance do those children have of growing up not hating Israel and Jews who support Israel (around 90%)?

Photo: PSC

Some 10 pro-Israel demonstraters attended too.

The Police sited us to the west of the anti-Israel demonstration and moved barriers so that we were enclosed, for security. Because we were to the west of the main demonstration, the anti-Israel people arriving from the west (eg from Westminster tube station) had to walk past us. Almost all appeared to be of Asian ethnicity. Many swore and spat at us.

After about 20 minutes the temperature of the hate directed us against approached boiling-point. You can see what happened in this first video (mine).

The hate becomes intolerable. The magnificent Police devise a plan to get us to safety. At around 5:18 we start to pack up. At 7.16 we start to move  out of the enclosure.

The Police form a protective human wall around us as we walk. At 7:33 I fall, I am helped up by colleagues and (I am told) by two girls in the anti-Israel protest. At 8.42 in the video we cross Whitehall towards King Charles Street.

The second video (also mine, it follows immediately from the first) shows the Police taking us into King Charles Street (west of the Foreign Office) and immediately they form a human chain across the entrance to stop the mob pursuing us (you hear the shout of ‘Cordon’ from the Police Commander).   At 1.23 you see the arrest of a man who allegedly assaulted me seconds earlier, either causing me to fall or when I was on the ground. You see the Police’s human chain across the entrance to King Charles Street. (Not shown: Then three of the police accompanied us across St James Park towards Victoria).

I am publishing these videos to show (i) the intolerable Fascist hatred expressed against us, due in part to the lies about Al Aqsa and Sheikh Jarrah that are rife on channels like PressTV and Al Jazeera and from many Labour politicians and from numerous other sources (ii) the magnificent courage and resourcefulness of the Metropolitan Police.

We have decided that for the time being it is too dangerous both for us and the police to be on the streets so we will not be outside the Embassy on Saturday.

The Fascist scum have won – by means of sheer intimidation.



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I have just seen this.

No wonder I fell to the ground

Mail Online; I have outlined myself in yellow: I was pushed forward by the force of his landing and fell over as a result

Here’s the Mail’s video, you can watch it frame by frame.


My assailant has been charged with Violent Disorder and Possession of an Offensive Weapon. The Police wanted GBH too but the CPS rejected it. Westminster Magistrates Court 1 October. I don’t yet know the name of the accused.


Jed Zia-Hughes (age under 20) pleaded Guilty to the crime of Violent Disorder. When the sentence is announced I’ll post it here.