Jerusalem Day: Natasha Hausdorff responds to biased journalist on LBC

Natasha Hausdorff is the extremely impressive Legal Director of UK Lawyers for Israel Charitable Trust.

This morning she heard Noga Tarnopolsky (the Israel correspondent of the Los Angeles Times) on the Nick Ferrari show on LBC (10 May, 2:21:04 on LBC Catchup on the LBC App).

Tarnopolsky was asked about Jerusalem Day and the current unrest in Jerusalem. Her response was a disgrace, appallingly biased.  She claimed that Jerusalem Day has been transformed into “a pretty racist, extremist violent march through the Old City, esp the Muslim Quarter, and it’s run by West Bank Jewish settlers, very few Jerusalemites take part, it’s a very provocative event….. This difficult month of Ramadan in Jerusalem began more than 2 weeks ago when the Police ‘for unknown reasons’ set up metal barriers at the Damascus Gate.

Tarnopolsky completely failed to mention recent attacks on Jews in Jerusalem. And claiming that the barriers were set up ‘for unknown reasons’ is completely disingenuous. If I know why they were set up – for security reasons – an on-the-spot journalist should sure as hell know why.

Natasha Hausdorff called in to comment on the interview. You can hear her superb response here. Or at 2.06.18 on LBC Catchup.


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