Israel Hating Mob Deprives Jews of their Human Rights to Peacefully Protest

This afternoon there was a late-notice anti-Israel demo in Whitehall opposite Downing Street, to protest about Sheikh Jarrah/Al Aqsa.  It was organised by Palestinian Forum in Britain.

The evictions in Sheikh Jarrah are perfectly legal.  And see Professor Avi Bell here. And the reason Israel’s security forces had to enter the Mosque was to arrest violent Islamist criminals incited by Hamas.   Regrettably the lies have been fuelled by Labour politicians: Starmer, Corbyn, Jonathan Ashworth,  Lisa Nandy, Wayne David, Zarah Sultana, Naz Shah, Richard Burgon, Bell Ribeiro-Addy, Apsana Begum, Anas Sarwar, Kim Johnson –  for example. And shamefully the Jewish Labour Movement. And the Teachers’ Union. And War On Want and the other Usual Suspects. And Claudia Webbe (suspended from Labour). And Humza Yousaf of the Scottish Cabinet and First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

So four of us countered the mostly Islamic Israel Haters (around 250) in Whitehall (Ramadan is a time of peak militancy).  Of course the organisers hadn’t informed the Police about their demo – maybe because they knew the Police would have put Covid restrictions on it.  So there were only two police there when we arrived. We got our Israel flags out but were soon (me and Martin Hizer) attacked by the Haters. My pole was broken and stolen and my flag was stolen. Video here (mine) and here (PressTV) and here (by the great Mel Gharial). And here (owner unknown, pl contact me for crediting).

The two criminals who did it are here – they will be reported to the Police:

The Police escorted us away. As we were walking we saw vanloads of police arriving.

How appalling that Islamics in the UK can deprive Jews of their human rights to peacefully protest.


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Postscript: Here’s Melanie Phillips on the incitement by Hamas:

Few of these facts have made it into the western media. What has also been omitted is the real cause of the Arab violence: the incitement by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas. These organisations are currently fighting each other for political supremacy, with the Palestinian Authority leaderMahmoud Abbas having cancelled planned elections for fear that his Fatah organisation was about to lose.

This US shift in support effectively gave a green light to the Palestinian Arabs to renew their murderous onslaught against the Jews of Israel.