The Truth about Sheikh Jarrah

The grave of Shimon HaTzadik has been a Jewish holy site and place of pilgrimage for centuries. In 1875 the Jewish Community purchased the tomb and surrounding land from Arab owners, and established the communities of Shimon HaTzadik and Nachalat Shimon. Despite facing waves of violent attacks from Arabs, the community survived until 1948 when Jordan attacked and the Jews were forced to flee. Jordan – with UNRWA – built 28 homes which were then occupied by Palestinians.

In 1967 when Israel stopped a planned attack by its neighbours, Israel retook Sheikh Jarrah. The original Jewish owners found strangers in their houses. A legal process began. In 1982 the Courts ruled that the Jews were the legal owners. In an act of clemency, the Court ruled that the Al-Kurds could stay provided they paid rent. They refused. The Al-Kurd family – without ownership and without a permit – extended their property.

Now – after decades of refusing to pay rent – the Al-Kurd family is being evicted.

The same happens in the UK.  If a tenant  repeatedly refuses to pay rent, they are evicted.

Thanks to Israel Advocacy Movement and to NGO Monitor


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