#JusticeForSarahHalimi: Dr Sophie Wiesenfeld’s Speech

Yesterday I published Dame Maureen Lipman’s speech.

I’m pleased to publish Dr Sophie Wiesenfeld’s speech which was delivered in both French and English.

” I am Sophie Wiesenfeld, the founder of the Franco-British cultural think-tank, the Hexagon Society.

It is with emotion that I speak in front of such a large crowd despite the sanitary conditions.

It is an unprecedented mobilisation:

– the whole world is rising up against this injustice;

– we are at the same time with Paris with 10,000 people, with NY, LA, Miami, Rome.

The reason we are here today is because the Halimi affair is not simple the matter of the Jewish community alone, but the matter of the entire national and international community.

If we are here it is to ask for a new “Loi Halimi” due to the decision of the Court of Cassation, finding the murderer of Sarah Halimi criminally irresponsible.

The law has been said, but justice has not been served!

What is difficult to understand in this case, what is terrible, what is revolting, is that while retaining the antisemitic nature of the crime, the French justice has confirmed the criminal irresponsibility of the murderer of Sarah Halimi.

Because, in French positive law, in the event of a mental disorder caused by a voluntary price of toxicants, there is penal irresponsibility.

Alas, the Judges of the Court of Cassation did not take the opportunity  to make case law/jurisprudence and be satisfied with a restrictive interpretation of the texts.

I will conclude with these words from my dear friend, the philosopher Bernard-Henry Lévy who allowed me to read you this text:

« When a statute is flawed or unsuitable, or when it no longer leads to wise decisions, it is the mark of a democracy’s greatness to take on the task of reworking it.





And, even if the new legislation will not make it possible to render retrospective justice to the victim of this latest hate crime, I suggest calling it Sarah Halimi’s Law.»