Reinstate @GnasherJew on Twitter!

The account @GnasherJew on Twitter has been key in exposing antisemites in particular during the runup to the 2019 election campaign. It is no exaggeration to say that the @GnasherJew collective played a key role in ensuring that an antisemite was kept out of 10 Downing Street on 12 December 2019.

Several national media stories have centred on Gnasher’s work:

  • Exposure of Peymana Assad, a Labour 2019 general election candidate, in the Mail
  • Exposure of Maria Carroll, a Labour 2019 general election candidate, in I24 and Jerusalem Post
  • Exposure of Labour Party member  Robert Broad in Portsmouth News It was @GnasherJew’s research that enabled Gulab Mostofa – a Trustee of Eden Welfare Trust – to be reported to the Charity Commission. As a result the Commission took regulatory action against the trustees.
  • In addition their work was extensively used in this response to a defamatory online article about activists fighting antisemitism.

Other relevant Press is here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.

But – incredibly – despite 17,000 followers, @GnasherJew was SUSPENDED from Twitter around three weeks ago! Yet many accounts tweeting antisemitism remain free to continue, despite numerous complaints! As Nicole Lambert Brockman writes in this week’s JC:

You need a strong stomach to be a Jew on Twitter

Signatures are being gathered for a protest Open Letter to Twitter top executives. I’m told there are 350 signatures so far, including Members of the House of Lords and current and former MPs; Rabbis; a Professor; QCs; Councillors; and a star of stage and screen.

Please join them by emailing

Please indicate whether you’d like your real name to appear or your Hebrew name or your @TwitterName.

@GnasherJew has sent these comments from those who have already signed:

I am very surprised and upset by the expulsion of Gnasher. I have followed these tweets for years now and never found anything remotely offensive about them. In my view, full access should be restored immediately.

I’m so outraged by Twitter over this and similar unjust account suspensions.

As a Jew, Gnasher Jew has done more as an individual than anyone else to fight antisemitism which is not a reason for suspending anyone from their account. It creates an impression fighting hate and bigotry should be something we should hide from or avoid rather than taking it on. You have set a poor impression to others who now think it is a free for all against Jews and Zionists and will not tone their comments down if they know social media is protecting them against their opponents.

Good luck with this. Gnasher have done tremendous work.

Please return GnasherJew to Twitter immediately. He is a vigorous anti racist and we need him back to air his excellent views.

Hi Gnasher, hope you’re doing okay. I hope you’re reinstated soon. It’s outrageous that you’ve been suspended by Twitter while several accounts that tweet hate and harass people are allowed to continue.

I want to sign letter to reinstate you on Twitter. Appreciate all you do for Jews everywhere.

Please add my name to the letter to Twitter to reinstate GnasherJew. The work they have done over the last few years has been exemplary.

Please add my name to the letter, Gnasher does amazing work!

Please reinstate Gnasher Jew, exposing and pushing back on @twitter against antisemitism.

Correct this terrible mistake by Twitter.

I agree very much that GJ is a valuable player in our common battle against racists on Twitter. It seems completely unreasonable that the Oldest Hatred on the planet is allowed to prosper on Twitter.

Reinstate Gnasherjew who has been an inspired fighter against antisemitism.

I wish you would reinstate account Gnasher Jew. I appreciated their help when a twitter account racially abused me.

I totally support their reinstatement to Twitter & add my name.

I would like to add my name to the campaign to restore the account named GnasherJew to Twitter. It is unconscionable for Twitter to ban an account that does so much to combat racism and Anti-Jewish hatred, whilst allowing large numbers of vicious and vile accounts to be published on their platform with no consequences.Either Twitter is vastly inefficient, or there is something more sinister that has allowed this injustice to carry on. They must fix this injustice immediately.

I support Gnasher Jew as a defender of Jewish freedom of expression and a fighter against discrimination on Twitter. Social media is poorer without people like this to counter aggressive harassment of minorities. Please reinstate his right to contribute to Twitter.

I cannot believe he (GnasherJew) has been taken off. It’s not like it’s an unknown account. Fully support the campaign to reinstate him.

Now it’s your turn! Email now to show your support!

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