BBC Newsnight lies about Israel

Tonight (Tuesday 20 April) Israel’s Ambassador to the UK, Mrs Tsipi Hotovely, gave her first broadcast interview, to BBC2 Newsnight. In the UK you can see it at 35:01 here.

The segment was full of wilful lies.

Introducing it, Emily Maitis said “In Israel where the Palestinian population has not been innoculated at anywhere near the rate of the Israeli population……..”

A defamatory lie. Yes there has been a lower rate of takeup of the vaccine among Arabs (it’s apparently improving of late after PR campaigns) but there was of course no difference whatsoever in the availability of vaccines for Arabs or any other sector among Israeli citizens. Just as in the UK some ethnicities have had a lower rate of takeup.

62% of Israelis have received at least one injection.

In the film that followed we heard Maitlis say: “The rollout for Palestinian citizens has been much slower at 0.5% and that has led to criticisms that a passport scheme will widen a political divide already hurting many in that country”.

I don’t know if this was cockup or conspiracy but it is unforgiveably wrong. 0.5% is (presumably) the figure for Gaza+Judea & Samaria. It is NOT the figure for Israeli Arabs (“Palestinian citizens”).

Newsnight: Ambassador Hotovely ran rings round Maitlis

Before interviewing the Ambasador, Maitlis said “Nearly 2000 liberal British Jews signed a petition to get Hotovely’s appointment revoked”. Sloppy biased research by the BBC. The anti-Israel wolf in sheep’s clothing called Na’amod claims that 1952 ‘British Jews’ signed its letter. But the names are not published, so no verification is possible! Were there 1952 signatures? How many were British? How many Jewish? We simply don’t know.

Yet Maitlis repeated to the Ambassador: “Your appointment was met by a lot of concern by liberal Jews”

During the interview Maitlis again confused the proportion of Palestinians vaccinated and the proportion of Israeli Arabs vaccinated. She quoted the 0.5% figure to the Ambassador as if it is the figure for Israeli Arabs.

Come on BBC, this slipshod biased sloppy research is not what I pay my licence fee for!

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Postcript: Here’s Melanie Phillips’ commentary on Newsnight’s failurer to know the difference between Israel Arabs and Palestinians ………