Miller Supporters: The Third Tranche

On Monday I published a blog profiling some of the original 251 signatories of the academics’ Miller support letter. Shortly after I published a second blog profiling Arzu Merali, one of the later signatories. This blog profiles some of the others who signed after the original 251.

A surefire symptom of Israel Derangement Syndrome (IDS) is the use of completely inappropriate ‘apartheid’ analogies to compare Israel to Apartheid South Africa. IDS sufferers of a certain age are particularly likely to present with this symptom, owing to their fond memories of anti-apartheid demonstrations in their student days in the 1960s and 70s. To try to bolster their credibility, IDS sufferers love to have their meetings adorned with trophy South African campaigners against apartheid (along with Jews – the more visibly Jewish the better, Neturei Karta and fake Holocaust Survivors are just perfect). The trophy South Africans are only too willing to accept free trips abroad from the IDS sufferers, when all they have to do is to tell their War Stories in authentic accents to the adoring throng, just throwing in a few mendacious clichés about Israel – a country which they have never visited and of which they are entirely ignorant.

So it’s not surprising that after it was published the pro-Miller letter attracted a trio of former anti-apartheid fighters from the Rainbow Nation: Na’eem Jeenah, Ronnie Kasrils and Salim Vally

Na’eem Jeenah (55) was refused entry into Israel in 2011. You can see and hear his lies in this 2015 video of his talk in Geneva. Just look at the lies:

  • 11.30 He says that after 1948 ‘Palestinians were denied citizenship’. Lie. How does he think the 15% or so who have Israeli passports and who are Arabs got there?
  • 15.30 He repeats the libellous lie that Israel caused 700,000 refugees in 1948/9
  • 14:10 He lies about the Absentee Property Law. He says (i) that Arabs who were displaced within Israel in 1948/9 could not become citizens. A lie. (ii) that Arabs who remained in their homes in 1948/9 were not given full citizenship rights. Also a lie. (iii) That some Arabs who were displaced moved to villages that are ‘unrecognised’ and have no services. A lie.
  • 19.05 He lies that Israeli Arabs are denied welfare benefits and cannot do certain ‘types of jobs’.
  • 21.15 He lies that Palestinians in Judea/Samaria are deprived of water and have to pay more for it.
  • 28.20 He lies that there are roads in Judea/Samaria that only Jews can use. Truth: For security reasons there are a very few roads that only vehicles registered in Israel can use. The religion of the drivers of these vehicles is utterly irrelevant.
  • 39:21 ‘Israel and Zionism should be delegitimised’ – He’s no better than the Mullahs in Iran who want to see Israel driven into the sea. He’s an antisemite.

Ronnie Kasrils (82) is described here.  In May 2007, during a visit to Gaza, Kasrils met the Leader of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh and invited him to make his first visit to a non-Muslim country to South Africa. Here he is in action in February 2021. From 32:30 listen to him attempt to defend his 2006 Jew/Nazi comparison and defend Corbyn and Loach. And attack the UK Board of Deputies of British Jews for “allying with right wing racist Tory students in Oxford to seek to prohibit Ken Loach to come and speak to a university there on the cinema”. The miserable Corbot Ken Loach, who believes that Labour MPs who attend rallies against antisemitism should be expelled from the Party. Kasrils is a loudmouthed idiot. Listen to him (towards the end) say that Israelis will democratically vote to abolish the world’s only Jewish State.

Salim Vally is an academic at the University of Johannesburg and a leading member of the Palestine Solidarity Committee. I mentioned him in my blog about the original 251 signatories; see entry for John Narayan: He writes that ‘the canard of “anti-Semitism” is used opportunistically by the supporters of Israel against anyone opposed to Israel’s policies.’ This lie is so beloved of antisemites that it even has a name:  the Livingstone Formulation. He says similar things around 14:35 in this video.

Like Na’eem Jeenah he was denied entry to Israel, the difference being that he attempted enter via Jordan. He also wants a ‘One State Solution” – the end of the Jewish State. At 14:00 here he says “People are not taken in by the canards, the charge of being antisemitic if you are critical of Israel. The Holocaust cannot be used as a justification any longer.” Another antisemite.

Eric Lee’s 2011 response to Vally’s apartheid lie is here:

As for “apartheid Israel,” suffice it to say that my two sons were born in a hospital that serves the residents of the Jezreel Valley — Jews and Arabs. The staff, including doctors and nurses, were a mix of all ethnic groups and religions, as were the patients. There was no segregation, no separate facilities, no differences at all in how Jews and Arabs were treated.

Does this mean that Israel is a perfect society, a real paradise on earth for everyone? Of course not.

But if one cannot see the difference between running the risk of being shot for being on the “wrong” beach — and having your child born in a hospital full of Jews and Arabs working together — if you can’t see that difference, you understand nothing at all.’

And ‘From reading Vally’s answer to Berman, you’d never know there was such a thing as Hamas (never mentioned), nor Iran, nor Hizbollah, nor terrorism of any kind. You’d never know that Israel has been repeated attacked, invaded and threatened with destruction — and as a result has genuine security concerns.

Last month Vally appallingly criticised the South African Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng for participating in a Jerusalem Post seminar with the South African Chief Rabbi.  In the seminar Mogoeng lamented South Africa’s adoption of a lopsided attitude toward the Israel-Palestinian conflict and said that it would have greater influence if it displayed a more balanced approach.

Another late signatory worthy of mention is Graeme Hyslop. He has an OBE for ‘services to education’; he was formerly Principal of Langside College, Glasgow.

This Charmer posts the viciously antisemitic Mahathir Mohamed on his FB page. Just a few quotes from Mohamed:

Jews are not merely hook-nosed, but understand money instinctively”

“Only 4,000,000 Jews dies in the Holocaust”

If you are going to be truthful, the problem in the Middle East began with the creation of Israel. That is the truth.”

“Anti-Semitic is a term that is invented to prevent people from criticizing the Jews for doing wrong things.”

The 2019 World Paralympic Swimming Championships had to be moved away from Malaysia after Mahathir announced that Malaysia would deny Israeli para-swimmers visas.

Let’s hope there were no Jewish children at Langside College……..

Then there’s notorious antisemite and creditcard thief Tony Greenstein who recently spent a week ‘at Her Majesty’s Pleasure’……..


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