Co-Founder of Al Quds March Organiser Supports Miller

I just posted the completed blog on the original 251 pro-Miller signatories.

Since the original letter was published a month ago, a further 206 signatures have appeared. One of them is Arzu Merali, identified as ‘Independent Researcher’. Merali is co-founder (with her husband Massoud Shadjareh) and Director of Research at the Islamic Human  Rights Commission. The IHRC organises the viciously anti-Israel annual Al Quds Day March in London.

According to the Henry Jackson Society Merali’s pro-Khomeini, anti-secular and anti-West worldview can be seen in a panel discussion entitled ‘Strike The Empire Back: legacies & examples of liberation from neo-colonialism & white supremacy’, that took place in 2014. According to Merali, “We know who the enemy is, we know that it’s the West, it’s the NATO countries and on a more philosophical level it’s the structure … the white supremacist structure or the liberal structure … that we’re all essentially suffering at the hands of.

Here are two tweets from Merali:

The first tweet refers to this article byPappé in which he praises Corbyn and say that allegations of antisemitism in Labour are false.  The second refers to two antisemitic meetings towards the end of 2017. I was present at both and blogged about both.

Here is my account of the first meeting.  It was organised by Jewish Voice for Labour, a tiny group of Corbyn-supporting Israel-demonising anti-semitism-downplaying Jewish (they claim) Labour members, plus their supporters. The meeting was intended to downplay/deny antisemitism in Labour. It saw a questioner compare Israel to North Korea.

Here is my account of the second meeting. It was organised by ‘Free Speech on Israel’, a group closely related to Jewish Voice for Labour. One again it was a meeting to deny antisemitism and vilify Israel.

Such is the nature of the supporters of Miller

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