Six Elbit Activists Charged

Six people (‘Palestine Action’) have been charged with causing over £50,000 of criminal damage at the Elbit factory in Shenstone on Tuesday 23 February.

Staffordshire Police have released the names :  Nicholas Georges, 69, of Hornhatch near Guildford, Surrey; Vienna Lstadt, 37, of The Avenue, West Ealing, West London; Nic Aaron, 31, of Linley Road, north London; Ruby Baker, 28, of Belmont Street, Bristol; Dexter Herd, 28, of Redland Road, Bristol; Michael Sackur, 23, of Mount Avenue, west London.

One name is very familiar to me: Vienna Lstadt. You can see her on the video which Palestine action made. A screenshot is here.

On 6 October 2018 we protested against Sandra Watfa – a rabid antisemite and Holocaust Denier – and her group ‘InMinds’ who were trying to stop people entering the Puma shop in Carnaby Street in London. Lstadt was one of them. Here is a screenshot from the video; Lstadt is in the middle

The name she was using at the time was Kajsa Anckarstrom (she is named in the screenshot above as Kajsa too). She acted as Watfa’s shield as Damon Lenszner and I were trying to approach Watfa to shout down her antisemitic lies about Israel. In her written evidence to the police she lied that I hit Watfa (she told other despicable lies about us which I am precluded from repeating). She’s a terrorist supporter:

Let’s hope that she and the other five go behind bars for their alleged crime – and in her case for lying to the police about us.  Note that these people have been charged with criminal damage and are awaiting trial. The activists claim their action is ethically justifiable. No guilt should be assumed.

The same goes for the five (also ‘Palestine Action’) who allegedly threw paint over me and the police in Kingsway on 10 October 2020:

Jocelyn Cooney, 25, Greenwich; Doone Zoe Stormonth Darling, 26, Lambeth; Flora Thomas, 26, Lullington, Somerset; Joley Thomas, 26, Hackney; Anthony Bardos, 56, Reading.

They are charged with conspiracy to commit criminal damage and criminal damage. They will appear at Highbury Corner Magistrates Court on Tuesday 9 March.

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Update: David Collier has identified four others of the six. They include the son of BBC journalist Stephen Sackur. A second is Nicholas Georges – an EAPPI volunteer who – horrifically – was given a platform at a school to defame Israel.