Inside CAABU’s Hate Israel Virus Factory

You won’t find any mention of the Abraham Accords – the new rapprochement between Gulf Arab States and Israel – on the website of CAABU, the Council for Arab-British Understanding. But you will find determined and repeated attempts to spread the virus of Israel hatred. No furlough for the CAABU elves – they have been hard at work as super spreaders.

The latest from CAABU is a letter to the Foreign Secretary about house evictions. These are of course perfectly legal.

The letter is signed by 84 MPs and House of Lords members. The first thing to note is that 85% (71 of 84) are the same names who signed CAABU’s letter in May last year about extending sovereignty to part of Judea/Samaria (‘annexation’). Could it be that CAABU has a list of willing signatories to its anti-Israel letters, most of whom never focus on what they are signing?

The second thing to note is the taxonomy of the signatories. 45% are Labour members versus only 6% Conservatives. 20% are LibDems and 14% SNP MPs.

Focusing on the 27 Labour MPs who signed, the third feature is to note that 25 of them (93%) have a record stained by antisemitism or extreme hatred of Israel. Only Kim Johnson and Mick Whitley have an unstained record. 19 of the Labour MPs (70%) are members of the hard Left Corbynite Socialist Campaign Group (including the suspended Webbe). 59% of the members of the Socialist Campaign Group signed.

The fourth feature is that for the 27 Labour MPs, the average proportion of Muslim constituents is 17%. The average for Great Britain is 4.5%. As was noted for the CAABU letter last May, there is a clear correlation between the proportion of Muslims in a Labour MP’s constituency and the extent of that MP’s hostility to Israel. If Sir Keir Starmer is to be successful in rooting out antisemitism from the Labour Party he will have to find a way of ensuring that all Labour MPs in constituencies with high Muslim proportions are less representative of the anti-Israel views common among those constituents and more representative of the general population. Labour’s new Antisemitism Advisory Board – take note!

Of the 54 who signed who are NOT Labour MPs, 23 have a record stained by antisemitism or extreme hatred of Israel. So out of the 84 total, 48 or 57% have a blemished record.

Horrifically of the 12 SNP MPs who signed, 10 have a record stained by antisemitism or extreme hatred of Israel. Only Stephen Flynn and Drew Hendry have unblemished records.

Diane Abbott Labour Kate Hollern Labour
Rushanara Ali LabourRachel Hopkins Labour
Tahir Ali LabourRupa Huq Labour
Paula Barker LabourIan Lavery Labour
Apsana Begum LabourTony Lloyd Labour
Clive Betts LabourJohn McDonnell Labour
Tracy Brabin LabourGrahame Morris Labour
Ben Bradshaw LabourKate Osamor Labour
Richard Burgon LabourBell Ribeiro-Addy Labour
Dan Carden LabourNaz Shah Labour
Jeremy Corbyn LabourAndy Slaughter Labour
Neil Coyle LabourZarah Sultana Labour
Julie Elliott Labour
25 of the 27 Labour MPs who signed have a history of antisemitism or extreme anti-Israel activity

Baroness Blower LabourKenny MacAskill SNP
Crispin Blunt ConservativeStewart Mcdonald SNP
Alan Brown SNPJohn Nicolson SNP
Lord Menzies Campbell LDBrendan O’Hara SNP
Alistair Carmichael LDTommy Sheppard SNP
Joanna Cherry SNPAlyn Smith SNP
Stephen Farry Alliance NIOwen Thompson SNP
Richard Graham ConservativeLord Warner Crossbench
Lord Hain LabourBaroness Warsi Conservative
Christine Jardine LDClaudia Webbe Indep Labour
David Jones ConservativePhilippa Whitford SNP
Caroline Lucas Green
23 of the non-Labour MPs and all Lords Members who signed have a history of antisemitism or extreme anti-Israel activity

Notice that Baroness Tonge appears on neither of CAABU’s letters. Presumably she is considered too extreme even by CAABU.

Here’s a challenge to CAABU. One, accept the IHRA Definition of antisemitism. Two, do not ask the Parliamentarians named above – the majority of whom violate IHRA – to sign any more of your anti-Israel letters.

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Thanks to David Collier whose profiling of MPs who signed the May 2020 CAABU letter was invaluable for this blog