Fisking The Useful Idiots’ Lies About Palestinian Schoolbooks

Naamod is the name the useful idiots and their supporters give themselves to avoid being personally shamed for mourning dead Hamas terrorists in Parliament Square in May 2018. I don’t think they should hide behind the cloak of anonymity so please remember their names. In particular Charlotte Nichols, now a Labour MP, and the abusive Amos Schonfield. They cannot be trusted to hold any position of responsibility in the Jewish Community.

They don’t like Israel and their regular demonisation and lies make Yachad look like Naftali Bennett’s Yamina Party

Their latest lie concerns Palestinian and Israeli schoolbooks. On the basis of bogus evidence they claim that Palestinian textbooks do not incite violence against Israelis or Jews.

The proof that they are lying is here.

Just one example is here:

To support their case Naamod cite a State Department report from 2009.  (Naamod do not link to the report, they simply link to an earlier 2004 New York Times Report).  But that 2009 report is 11 years out of date. Beside which, the Palestinian school curriculum was revised in 2017, becoming still more extreme. References to ‘peace‘ were removed.

Naamod cite (‘the largest piece of research’) the 2013 Report of the Council of Religious Institutions of the Holy Land 2013 (the so-called Wexler Report, named after the US Professor who was commissioned to lead the study).

Let’s see what the deceitful neophytes of Naamod fail to reveal ……. To carry out the study, Wexler appointed the leftist Professor Daniel Bar-Tal from Tel Aviv University and Professor Sami Adwan from the Palestinian side. Unfortunately Bar-Tal was a terrible appointment as he appeared to come with the deranged Über-Liberal preconception that incitement in Palestinian school textbooks  is no worse than that in Israeli school textbooks. Some academics are so open-minded that their brains fall out.

In April 2013 Arnon Groiss – a member of the project’s Scientific Advisory Panel – set out just how biased it was  – you can see his report here

Groiss’s first criticism is that the Wexler Report took Haredi books (less than 15 % of population) and painted them as the Israel curriculum. Most Haredi books were probably not even approved by Israel Education Ministry at the time. 

Second, Bar-Tal’s research methodology was heavily structured – so it missed things which were ‘outside its box’. For example it didn’t allow for the fact phrases like “liberation struggle” – which implicitly calls for the liquidation of the State of Israel – are inciteful  of hatred.

Ben-Dror Yemini reports that Bar-Tal’s methodology even recorded factual discussion of the massacre of Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics as an example of negative portrayals of the Arab side in Israeli textbooks! Presumably any factual mention of how the Mufti of Jerusalem sought out Hitler – or how the Arabs massed to invade Israel in 1967 – would be viewed by Bar-Tal as negative portrayal of Arabs too.

Wexler Report: Mentioning the Munich Massacre is Hateful to Arabs

Listen to the truth and ask your questions


One of Naamod’s useful idiots and mourners for Hamas, Sam Alston, was recently elected to the National Council of the Zionist Federation in a classic leftist entryist slate-voting putsch. The story needs to be told and since you won’t find it anywhere else, I’ll tell it here.

The Zionist Federation  is just that – a Federation, with both group and individual membership. For years the leftist groups have had a majority. They could have taken over the policymaking National Council but they were never that interested. But the debate last year around declaring sovereignty in part of Judea and Samaria seems to have fired them up.  

On 24 January there were elections for the National Council.  People showed up to vote who are never seen at ZF meetings.  They wouldn’t be seen dead at ZF Lobby Day for example (3 March this year).  The elections were an entryist leftist stitchup – it’s obvious from the chart.

Elected candidates shown by blue bars; H=Herut, W=Wizo

The leftist slates (all but two of the organisations that signed that letter reported in the Jewish News on 27 May: Jewish Labour Movement (JLM), Liberal Judaism, LJY-Netzer (LJYN), Meretz UK (Me), Masorti Judaism (MM) and Pro Zion – Arzenu (PZ) ) all voted for each other’s candidates. Alston of Kaddish for Hamas fame is ridiculously now on the National Council of the Zionist Federation.  So is Ruth Nyman who successfully proposed a motion (incredibly 69% voted for, 25% against, 6% abstained) gagging the ZF Executive, which is now supposed to get signoff from the leftists on the National Council for any ZF ‘political’ statement (ie everything).   Another new NC member, Jack Lubner, defended a Labour Prospective Parliamentary Candidate who claims to have gone on ‘Jihad’ to ‘Palestine’.

And there are two new NC members (Strawson and Joffe) representing the far Left MeretzUK which campaigned against the US Peace Plan.

Fortunately for Israel the lies of Naamod and the cynical entryism of the Jewish Left are utterly irrelevant: the Jewish State goes from strength to strength as it approaches its 75th birthday in 2023.

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