Kevin Myers – Victim of Cancel Culture: Update

My regular readers will remember that in August 2017 I rushed to defend the Irish columnist Kevin Myers against a ‘pile-on’ – led by Gideon Falter of the CAA (and here) – which absurdly and libellously accused him of antisemitism. Kevin is way overdue for an apology from Mr Falter , the CST and others who wrongly accused him of antisemitism. The false accusations have had catastrophic consequences for his career and reputation.

Kevin has sent me his account of the episode and I am please to publish it. It demonstrates that Kevin is STILL a victim of ‘cancel culture’. I wish him well and am surely joined by all right-thinking people. We who are in the trenches in the fight against antisemitism have a moral duty to call out false allegations.

On 26th July 2017 I was asked by the Irish Edition of The Sunday Times to write about the row in the BBC in London over the pay differentials between male and female broadcasters.  I said I preferred not to. My page editor insisted: “Fallopia O’Whynge wants to work less hours than her male counterparts, slope off to have babies whenevs & yet be paid exactly the same. Gwan”.

I finally capitulated. My research revealed that the two best paid women were Jewish. I foolishly, but in genuine admiration of their chutzpah, wrote: “Good for them. Jews are not generally noted for their insistence on selling their talent for the lowest possible price.”

I filed on Thursday, nearly 24 hours early. That evening, I was asked: was I sure they were Jewish? My copy was read by at least five people before publication. Nobody objected.

The Irish edition of The Sunday Times came online at 12.01am. Minutes later, someone in London accessed it, presumably on a tip-off, and began to accuse me of misogyny and anti-Semitism, triggering an instant tidal wave of social media hatred. That morning, without any consultation, The Sunday Times sacked me, publicly declaring that I would never work for it again. This prompted worldwide on-line hysteria and I was next accused of “Holocaust denial”. The Jewish Representative Council of Ireland, which has defended me throughout, protested that I had written “truths about the Holocaust the Irish people would not otherwise have known.” This did not prevent the then Taoiseach Varadkar and Tanaiste Fitzgerald, along with almost all the Irish media, from piling in.

News International, which gave the world the Page 3 girl, must have expected to be castigated in Ireland for sacking an Irish citizen without due process; instead it got a hearty round of applause for bringing international ruin upon a ‘misogynistic anti-Semite’.

I sued RTE for calling me a Holocaust-denier and won a complete apology with damages.

Neither RTE News nor The Irish Times reported this. However, two RTE programmes separately invited me to discuss my victory, but then agreed between them that only one programme should interview me. Just before that programme’s live-broadcast, I was disinvited.

My memoir about my career, Burning Heresies (Merrion) was published last September.  An invitation to discuss it with Claire Byrne on RTE radio was contingent on my rejecting invitations from rival stations. This I did, whereupon the show promptly withdrew my invitation.

The Irish Times, for which I had worked for 25 years, commissioned a review of the memoir, but it has never appeared. In January 2021, Frank Fitzgibbon the Irish editor of the Sunday Times in 2017, admitted in an interview with the on-line magazine The Currency  that Kevin was very badly done by, by people who claimed he was anti-Semitic … that was just completely, completely and utterly wrong. …his record shows and his columns show quite the opposite.”

But the two Irish organisations which were most active in my destruction in 2017, RTE and The Irish Times, ignored this stunning admission, which of course revealed the bankruptcy of the case against me. Consumers of news from either organisation, which are both charter-bound to tell the truth, have still not been told of the real facts about me or the existence of my memoir. The entire episode has been a triumph for cancel culture and a consummate defeat for truth.

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