Is there a Vaccine Against Antisemitic Jewbaiting (contd)?

Incredibly fourteen more MPs have signed Nadia Whittome’s antisemitic Jewbaiting EDM (I blogged yesterday about it).

Let’s look at the 27 MPs who have signed.

Only 8 signed Ann McDonagh MP’s letter to the Chinese Ambassador expressing outrage about China’s treatment of the Uighur Muslims.

16 of the 27 have a history of antisemitism (including support for antisemites) or of gross Israel-bashing.

17 of them have proportions of Muslim constituents above the national average of 4.5%

History of Antisemitism
Or Support for Antisemites
Or anti-Israel?
Signed Uighur Letter?Muslim proportion (%)
Nadia Whittome LNN12.1
Claudia Webbe IndYN15.2
Sarah Owen LNN22.3
Bell Ribeiro-Addy LYN5.7
Kate Osborne LNY1.4
Zarah Sultana LYN7.4
Apsana Begum LYY33.6
Chris Stephens SNPNN4.7
Jeremy Corbyn LYN9.0
Alan Brown SNPYY0.3
Kenny MacAskill SNPYN0.5
Hywel Williams PCYN1.9
Beth Winter LYN1.0
Mohammad Yasin LNY8.2
Ian Lavery LNN0.3
John Cryer LNY23.4
Stephen Farry AllianceNY1.0
Caroline Lucas GreenYY1.8
Grahame Morris LYN0.3
Paula Barker LNN4.7
Rachel Hopkins LNN25.3
Jonathan Edwards IndYN1.5
John McDonnell LYN16.6
Tony Lloyd LYN23.6
Richard Burgon LYN10.6
Debbie Abrahams LY
Kim Johnson LNY7.2
Great Britain4.5
The MPs who signed EDM 1386. All of the Labour MPs (plus Webbe) bar 5 (Owen, Yasin, Cryer, Lloyd, Abrahams) are members of the Socialist Campaign Group. 15 of the 32 Socialist Campaign Group have signed.

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This blog was updated on 26 January to include the two new signatories, Barker and Hopkins; and again on 27th (Edwards, McDonnell) and on 28th (Tony Lloyd); and again on 1 February (Burgon, Abrahams); and again on 25 February (Johnson).