Is there a Vaccine Against Antisemitic Jewbaiting?

Israel has vaccinated nearly one-third of its population

Israel has achieved a remarkable success in the race to vaccinate against Covid. 29% of Israelis have received at least one shot of the vaccine, versus 9% in the UK.  When they became aware of Israel’s success, the cabal of viral Israel bashers convened by Zoom to choose the best conspiracy lie with which to denigrate it.  Jews control Pfizer? – Bit too crude. Only Israeli Jews are being vaccinated? No – too easy to disprove. Israel is failing to vaccinate Palestinians? Yes – “that is the Big Lie we will run with!” And they have been running with it for a month now …. all the usual suspects, Amnesty, the Guardian, Human Rights Watch, the UN’s “Special Adviser” (see here), MAP, 96 usual suspects in the WHO, BBC (and here) ……. and even some unusual suspects ….

All aboard the Israel conspiracy bandwagon!

And no matter how many times the antisemitic conspiracy theory is refuted – here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here for example – STILL they are running with it.  It’s sexy, it grabs headlines: Truth be damned!

Remember the conspiracy theory that Israel was ‘harvesting body parts’ in Haiti in 2010 (Israel was the first country to send relief team after the earthquake)? The antisemites can’t bear seeing Israel successful, can they.

A bit like the medieval conspiracy theory that Jews use the blood of Christian children to bake Matzos. That’s been running for over 500 years so 4 weeks for the Great Vaccine Libel is really nothing on the scale of blood libels against Jews.

Political affiliation is no bar to joining the IJB Club (‘Israel Jab Conspiracists’).  Remember Alan Duncan? The Tory anti-Israel conspiracy theorist par excellence. And Nicholas Soames? ) (of whom a girlfriend once described having sex with him as akin to “lying in bed when suddenly the wardrobe topples over and falls on top of you with the key still in the lock”).

These charmers joined the IJB Club with a letter that the Telegraph was idiotic enough to print (here’s the ZF’s response, scroll down for the letter). I wonder why neither of them has been offered a Peerage …

And at the opposite end of the political spectrum, the latest conspiracy theorist is the youngest MP, a 25 year old Labour Corbynite, Nadia Whittome. She has tabled an EDM (Early Day Motion) to ask the UK government to ‘use all diplomatic and foreign aid routes’ to ensure that Israel vaccinates Palestinians in Gaza and Judea & Samaria (the ‘West Bank’).  (Note: EDMs don’t have any impact on legislation, they are simply a means of conveying MPs’ views).

Here are the lies in the EDM:

1. The fourth Geneva Convention does not apply in either Gaza or Judea/Samaria because neither is ‘occupied’ according to the legal definition of the term. Gaza was returned to full Palestinian control in 2005. The only goods not allowed in are those used for making bombs (and sometimes cement, for making terror tunnels). Judea/Samaria was grabbed illegally by Jordan after the 1948-’49 War that followed the end of the UK’s League of Nations/United Nations Mandate for Palestine. Israel took it back when it repelled Arab attacks in the Six Day War (1967). An offer to return it was spurned at Khartoum.

2. Under the Oslo Accords, healthcare in the disputed territories is administered by the Palestinian Authority. Israel is responsible for its own citizens not anyone else’s. Despite this Palestinians in East Jerusalem are being vaccinated though the take up is low.

3. Israel has offered vaccination assistance to the Palestinian Authority but the PA has not officially requested assistance from Israel.  Palestinian terrorists in Israel prisons who have murdered Israelis are being vaccinated.

Let’s look at the 12 MPs who have signed the EDM – unfortunately there is no vaccine against Israel hate (yet ……..). They care about the Palestinians but do they care about genuinely oppressed people – the Uighur in China for example? One of the last acts of the Trump Administration was to rule that the treatment of the Uighur amounts to ‘genocide’. So of course the 12 would have signed Ann McDonagh MP’s letter to the Chinese Ambassador expressing outrage about China’s treatment of the Uighur Muslims. Er…..No. Only 3 of them signed it.

And of course these human rights warriors would care about the human rights of Jews, wouldn’t they? Er …No – 8 of them have a history of antisemitism (including support for antisemites) or of gross Israel-bashing.

And of course they are not simply playing to their Muslim constituents by bashing Israel, right? The fact that 8 of them have proportions of Muslim constituents above the national average of 4.5% is sheer coincidence. Isn’t it……

History of Antisemitism
Or Support for Antisemites
Or anti-Israel?
Signed Uighur Letter?Muslim proportion (%)
Nadia Whittome LNN12.1
Claudia Webbe IndYN15.2
Sarah Owen LNN22.3
Bell Ribeiro-Addy LYN5.7
Kate Osborne LNY1.4
Zarah Sultana LYN7.4
Apsana Begum LYY33.6
Chris Stephens SNPNN4.7
Jeremy Corbyn LYN9.0
Alan Brown SNPYY0.3
Kenny MacAskill SNPYN0.5
Hywel Williams PCYN1.9
Great Britain4.5
The MPs who signed EDM 1386

When derogatory lies about Israel persist for a month in direct contravention of the facts, there’s a name for it: Antisemitic Jewbaiting.

Shame On You!

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