Reflections on Riley v Sivier

Many congratulations to Rachel Riley and her legal team (John Stables and Mark Lewis of Patron Law Ltd) for their result yesterday in the libel case against the hard Left Corbynite Mike Sivier. The judgment is here.

The case centred on Sivier’s ludicrous allegation that Ms Riley had abused and harassed a 16-year-old girl ‘Rose’ during Twitter exchanges in December 2018 and January 2019. Ms Riley (and the actress and her friend Tracy-Ann Oberman who supported her and was an early party to the case) are in the frontline of the fight against antisemitism, but the case was not really about that. It definitely was not about Israel or Zionism. Neither is mentioned a single time in the judgment of Mrs Justice Collins Rice.

Contrast that with the supporter comments in Sivier’s crowdfund.  Not only are they vile about Ms Riley and Ms Oberman, some of them are plain antisemitic. This is what Corbyn and his cronies aided and abetted. Yet again we breathe a sigh of relief that they lost the election thirteen months ago. The comments only underline the need for brave people like Ms Riley and Ms Oberman to be willing to be in the frontline of the fight against antisemitism.

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