The fetid antisemitic lies of Kerry-Anne Mendoza

Kerry-Anne Mendoza co-founded The Canary (a far left Corbyn-supporting online media source, though she left Labour) in 2015, and is its first editor-in-chief. She has appeared on BBC Question Time and Any Questions?

On Saturday Mendoza was in a panel on the subject of free speech. Recording here. Antisemitism spewed from her foul mouth like viscous faeces in a bad case of food poisoning ……….
At timestamp 24:50 she says: Zionism is an explicitly and unapologetically racist ideology

1. IHRA definition of antisemitism: Calling an Israel a racist endeavour is antisemitic

25.46: Israeli society is built around White Supremacy: Ashkenazim are at the top of the privilege pile; then Sefardim; then (a big big drop) Mizrachim;  way down the bottom are black Jews particularly African Jews , one of the most prominent is Ethiopian Jews.

2. IHRA: Calling an Israel a racist endeavour

An Ashkenazi Jew might go on a Birthright tour when they are 16, be invited into the country. Invited to have lots of kids, help us deal with this demographic timebomb.  But how did Israel welcome the Ethiopian Jews? When they arrived they were thrown into something called an Absorption Centre.

Comment: Israel’s success in absorbing waves of immigrants – the biggest of which in recent years came from Russia and Ethiopia – has been nothing short of miraculous. No other country has achieved anywhere near this success with this number in relation to the existing population. In the 49 years from 1969 to 2018 Israel received 1.26m migrants from the Former Soviet Union and nearly 93,000 from Ethiopia, making around 1.35m just from those two areas. That’s around 15% of the current population.  Neither the US nor the UK – nor indeed any OECD nation – have ever absorbed anything like that increase in that timespan.

Immigration from Ethiopia

By saying thrown into something called an Absorption Centre the loathsome liar gives an indication of what’s coming next .………

Rightly, Israel’s Absorption Centres are a matter of great national pride. They provide temporary living quarters which give a soft landing and supportive framework to a new immigrant. The furnished rooms are rented at substantially subsidised rents. Ulpanim (intensive Hebrew classes) are available at most Absorption Centres and they are staffed by highly professional teams who have long-term experience in assisting new immigrants.

From Ha’aretz
Ha’aretz cotinued

But look what this obnoxious POS says next – it is profoundly antisemitic:

27.24 I see very little difference between that and a concentration camp. Extreme levels of control bordering on torture and just a few years ago we found out thanks to an undercover report. The Ethiopian Jews were being forcibly compelled to … they were basically given these longterm contraceptive injections called Depo-Provera .. just breathtaking .. Any of us who are listening to this who are aware of the Holocaust and other systems of repression have things brought back to us when we hear things like this.

3. IHRA: Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis.

Comment: Let’s look at Mendoza’s vile suggestion that Ethiopian female immigrants were forced to receive contraceptive injections. It’s a lie – a lie repeated innumerable times by far left and Islamist antisemites.  Depo-Provera was a contraceptive popular in Africa. When Ethiopian women came to Israel they  wanted to limit the size of their families since the optimal family size in a developed nation is significantly below that in a rural Third World African nation. So they were given Depo-Provera (as some had been in Ethiopia, by the JDC (American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee)).  As this article says, ‘Might some Israeli health workers have been patronizing or racist, assuming that Ethiopian women could not be relied upon to take pills every day? Of course these are possibilities. But, is it true, as Gabai says to one of her interviewees, an Ethiopian mother of four, “they told you [having children is] forbidden in Israel”? The mother, who said she intends to have more children, replied: “No, why forbidden? There are loads of children. What, why forbidden?” ‘

28.29 Israel is and always has been an apartheid state.  In 2011 the Israeli Supreme Court declared that there is no such thing as an Israel citizen. Why? Because if there were to be a universally agreed Israeli citizenship, they would need to be accorded equal rights and equal responsibilities. And of course that can’t happen and Israel continue in its current form.

4. IHRA: Calling an Israel a racist endeavour

Comment: More antisemitic lies from Mendoza.  Every Israeli of whatever religion and ethnicity is entitled to an Israeli passport. All are citizens of Israel. Mendoza is lying. Every citizen has equal rights, under the Basic Laws. What is true is that Identity Cards carry ethnicities and religions: Jewish for Jewish citizens, Arab for Arabs, Christian for Christians and so on. Israel is not like West European nations. Israel was founded as a refuge for Jews from antisemitism.  Just as a women’s refuge in London is a place for women and not men, so a state founded as a refuge for Jews has every right to preserve its Jewish character – while guaranteeing equal rights for all.

30.13 Why did I view Palestinians’ right of self-determination … as any different to the rights I would accord to black South Africans or any other group? It was because even I .. had still been socialised into this dehumanisation of the Palestinian People, into accepting the unjust solution put forward by people who don’t see Palestinians as fully human…..

5. IHRA Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews

Comment: Black South Africans are citizens of the country. It is mendacious to compare them with Palestinians in Gaza and Judea/Samaria – who are NOT citizens of Israel. And the allegation that Israeli Jews do not ‘see Palestinians as fully human’ would not be out of place in Der Stürmer.

35.36 One of the most offensive aspects of the Witchhunt is Creation of a Holocaust hierarchy. There are people who behave as if Jewish people who are the only victims of the Holocaust.

Comment: This is classic ‘straw man’. Who are these ’people’ responsible for calling out antisemitism in Labour (the ‘Witchhunt’) who ‘behave as if Jewish people are the only victims of the Holocaust’? It’s classic conspiracy theory.

But one thing we agree on is that Mendoza has the right of free speech. Just not on the BBC, any MSM, any university campus or in any local authority-owned building. Because racists must be no-platformed.