Priti Patel and the Corbots who prioritise hatred of Israel over saving human life

The Israel-hating misogynist Corbots who are baying for the blood of Priti Patel point to her trip to Israel in 2017 (she had to resign on a technicality – she didn’t inform the Prime Minister that she had meetings in Israel with the Prime Minister).

(Jess Phillips MP said on BBCR4 ‘Any Questions?’ that Patel ‘broke the Ministerial Code’ in 2017. Chris Mason the moderator corrected her – she didn’t).

Let’s remind ourselves of the purpose of those meetings. Priti Patel – who was then the Minister for Overseas Development – wanted to send DFID money to support an IDF programme treating wounded Syrians in the Golan Heights. Humanitarian assistance. During a family holiday in Israel – paid for entirely by her – she had meetings with Israeli officials.

“Take, for example, a Syrian mother who comes with her children. At the end of the day, she leaves the clinic with healthier children and an aid kit from the State of Israel that includes food, basic hygiene products, and medicine. A day at the clinic also includes, time in the playroom and a hot meal. The Syrians also understand that the State of Israel is doing a great thing for them.”

‘…. forceful expression, including some occasions of shouting and swearing’ (Sir Alex Allen) is NOT repeat NOT ‘Bullying’. Name me a boss who is innocent and I will name you a liar!


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Postscript: Terrific piece by Brendan O’Neill